President/Vice President Illusion

Suneel Viralam shared this photo with me back in April, yet only now I gave it a second look. As you can see both US President Obama and his Vice President Biden are in it, yet something feels strange about their legs. Can you guess what happened, and to whom does the middle leg belong to?

BTW, those of you who contacted me about the problem regarding the “Next Random Illusion” button (that it always returns exactly the same illusion), you might try clearing your browser cache, and the problem will disappear. Please report if this helped!

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  1. The “middle” leg is Biden’s right foot. President Obama’s left foot is mostly hidden behind his right foot.

  2. The middle leg belongs to Joe Biden, the vice president. As you can see, the same effect happened in the picture with one of the other men. If you look closely you can see Obama’s other foot behind his right leg. Great capture, By the way! Had me think for a moment XD

    and… third leg… lol XD

  3. And the guy in the blue tie seems to have only one leg. But this is hardly a good illusion; heck, I’m even go to go out of my way and say it isn’t illusion at all. It’s just the natural placement of legs during walking. You know, one foot in front of the other, then swap. Obama’s left leg is behind his right leg. You can clearly see the right side of his left shoe.

  4. The ‘middle’ leg belongs to the vice-president, it’s his right leg. Obama’s left leg is positioned straight behind his right leg, you can sill see the heel of his left foot (or at least I think you can). You can also see that his left leg is crossing behind his right leg when you look at his left thigh/knee.

  5. so that’s what’s meant by joined at the hip… you can make out just a bit of Obama’s left shoe/leg directly behind his right shoe/leg

  6. If you use google you will find who is in the photo (spoiler – President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Bill Daley, and interim Chief of Staff Pete Rouse):

  7. It’s the VP’s, the Pres has his behind his other foot, you can see just a hint of it on the left side of the photo.

  8. The president’s left leg is behind him and on a slight angle to the outside. Both of Biden’s legs are showing.

  9. Hahaha, neat. The leg belongs to Biden. Obama’s leg his actually behind him, you can see the tip of his shoe on the other side of his leg.

  10. Obviously the leg belongs to the VP…. I can see Obama’s left leg right behind his front leg, I see “slanted” pant between them. Good one! :]

  11. The gentelman with little hair is Chief of Staff Bill Daley and the other person far to the right in the picture is senior advisor to the president Peter Rouse.

    President Obama’s left leg is behind his right leg.

  12. Never over-estimate Americans — I may vaguely recognize the other faces but cannot begin to come up with names.

    It took an extra look, but I finally figured out where the missing leg went. Nice one — I’m a fan of accidental illusions.

  13. You can even say there’s a second optical illusion in this picture. If you focus mainly on Biden’s lower body, his legs look like they can be walking away from you or towards you.

  14. It looks like they are in mid step to me. I think the missing legs are just in the back step and have yet to come forward

  15. Definately the Vice President’s Leg. One can see the bend on the Leg of the President that shows it is going behind his right leg.

  16. I think they should use all their legs to walk away from the White house. They are ruining this country!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I can’t believe that moron is our vice president.
    And Vurdlak, even if you were American, you’d probably not be able to name the other folks.

  18. Biden’s right foot is up Obama’s rear end. He is telling the president “Don’t worry in the end it will be less painfull than what the republicans have in store for you”

  19. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, dude. In no world is this an illusion, and you look stupid for posting it.

  20. No illussion at all to a bright mind. It’s pretty clear that the President leg is behind him with the heel of the shoe showing and the middle leg is the Vice President’s

  21. It’s the Vice-President’s leg!
    The President has his left leg covered by his right leg.
    And the guy to the left of the Vice-President too!
    He has his right leg covering the view of the left leg!

  22. This site is dying. The “illusions” became boring long time ago. This is another sample of inexaustible supply of fake “OMG, it’s illusion” pseudo-news. The subject is dead. Could still be bringing money from new readers, but all that was to be said is said, years ago. Boooooorrriiiiingggg.

  23. The illusion is that there is no president or vice president there at all! In 2012 we can vote in the real thing!

  24. If you look at the foot, you can tell its a right foot. I read through alot of the posts and didnt see anyone point out, that you can see the shape of the foot itself. Its a right foot,, i didnt even notice the presidents left foot behind his right one. But Im assuming the president doesnt have 2 right feet.

  25. Vurdlak,
    “Next Random Illusion” button is no longer a problem. Thanks, I always forget to flush the browser cache toilet!
    Bog, JA

  26. Its Biden’s, dumbies . If you all weren’t blind ;; than you could tell that Obama has his other leg behind him .

  27. the middle foot is from the vice pres. and the pes. foot is behind his front foot. At first i thougt it was the other way around but its not… Good illusion

  28. the middle leg belongs to the vp..the pres’ feet are lined together that it seems it is only one leg to look at. the pres’ left leg is at the back partly hidden by his right leg.

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