Playful Cat or an Angry Critter?

Admit it, what did you see first when you opened this article? Was it a cat or…. an upside-down cat? Just kiddin’, are you able to see an angry beaver in a position where upside-down cat’s nose and mouth are supposed to be? An interesting take on “Young Lady or an Old Hag” illusion, if you ask me. Perhaps even more similar to this. Thanks goes to Shawn for sharing this with our community!

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  1. Now This is pretty damned creepy…I like it.(Don’t think Cats do that with their eyes…well, none of mine have ever…


  2. I only saw the cat. Once you mentioned the beaver though bam! there he was staring me down! Angry little dude that guy.

  3. Eh. This is just ok as far as illusions go for me. I had to scroll the page so that the cat’s eyes were off the screen, then back away from the screen a little bit, and than squint to blur the image.

  4. OMG!That is soooo funny!If I could I would show it to my friends but they are not here and they don’t come to my house I only see them at school.

  5. I saw an upside down kitty but then, I just got threw playing with the cat before getting on line.

    I can see were the teeth become eyes though after looking for it (thanks to your clue)


  6. Playful Cat or Angry Critter has 3 faces. From cats eyes down to ears is the face of a cross-eyed critter.

  7. That is very cool and must have an interesting story behind how you came across it…. Now that is one cute cat!! :p

  8. personaly, I want to see an image that looks the same. no matter which way you look at it.

  9. Now I can see both… the cat and the angry bird :) or more concretely the angry duck. The cat’s tongue is the beak of the duck.

  10. I suppose one can kinda see the “angry beaver” there, if one works at it, and if it wasn’t so obviously a cross-eyed cat — but Daggett it ain’t. ;)[img][/img]

  11. molecat The most effectual mole Cat!
    Who’s intellectual close friends get to call him M.C. Providing it’s with dignity. …

  12. Poor critter has got the most dreadful crossed eyes! Assume someone is hanging a toy just over its head … not the best you’ve given us.

  13. Is it a playful pussy or an angry beaver? A question all men find themselves asking at some point in their life. Sorry, couldn’t resist- it was too obvious to pass up.

  14. A post from South Africa this summer stated that there are no beavers in SA – but there are mole rats! A sort of optical illusion too, but of a more “adult” kind. The ugliest animal on earth – or just the masculine (opposite) counterpart to the ancient myth of “Vagina Dentata”? [img][/img]

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