Optical Illusion Drawing of Eyeglasses

The weekend is finally here, and the weather has finally broke! At least here, it has. It’s sunny and warm (for the winter) and the mounds of snow are actually starting to melt away. I might leave my cozy living room today and venture out into the wide world. It seems like a good day to do a little shopping, and I DO need a new pair of glasses, since my new puppy ate my other ones. I’m thinking that leaving them down where he could get them probably wasn’t the best idea. But, the good news is that the puppy-glasses incident did remind me that I had an awesome optical illusion drawing of a pair of eyeglasses tucked away!

optical illusion drawing

This optical illusion drawing was sent in by one of our readers! I think it’s a pretty awesome drawing. So realistic! If you agree, be sure to give it a good rating with the stars below…

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2 Replies to “Optical Illusion Drawing of Eyeglasses”

    1. Zoom in to the photo and observe the shadow esp at temple tips. With one source of light (indicated by single shadow), all shadows should be in same direction, which is slightly off

      It’s a wonderful piece of art for sure. Great share!!

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