One with Cell-phone Towers and Fake Trees

Nice trees, aren’t they (other pictures are inside the post)? There’s just one problem… these aren’t trees at all! Actually it’s a homage to the fake trees that disguise USA cell phone towers. Have you ever noticed them? Well I think the idea is more than great! Having them hiddious cell-towers, is necessary, but with a bit of imagination and artistic touch, you can transform them in such way, that very few would spot they’re fake. These Sham Shrubs have been manufactured so that you and I can communicate with each other, while protecting our delicate aesthetic sensibilities. They’re hidden pretty well. But if you look for them, they’re easy to spot. Be sure to jump inside this post to see more of them, but don’t forget to visit original website to see whole bunch more of them. Thanks Mike for submitting this illusion!

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  1. I’m guessing they do this to make the area look nicer than it already is, which prooly isn’t too great. I’ve seen the second one down in Long Beach, California. It’s in or close to an industrial yard…I can’t remember…been a while since I’ve been there.

    1. and a pine tree is near my school,i pass it every day on my bus

  2. They look pretty good in these photos, but not as good when you survey a whole landscape.

    You see a horizon of trees all about the same height, but then there is one odd-looking “tree” that stands about 10 to 20 feet higher than all the others. This actually catches my eye more than other man-made structures, to which I’ve grown accustomed. But then again, I live in the city…

  3. You guys are stupid…..those are elf towers…why dont you inform yourselves and search that….Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    1. me too. #9. every time we pass by, we point out how its obviously not a tree, ie:”Its growing out of a dumpster”,”its perfectly straight,symmetrical” and the likes.

  4. Once after the one of the California wildfires that was the only thing green. (it looked kinda ridiculous)

  5. we have these all over my town, my familly thinks it is so hippies can not complain because of metal in nature or something

  6. The 5th one up is near where I live. A bit taller than all the other trees, (make that much taller) but still nice to see them up there.

    Hurrah for my first post here! :P

  7. Duh! They make them taller so that in a couple of years they will all be same height! They know what they are doing.

    | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    (Now) (In some years)

  8. I live in Las Vegas, and they have these all over. but the weird thing is they alway put them like behind stores, with not other trees. it’s really hilarious actually.

  9. im in NJ an we got ones just like the eigth pic all around. you can really tell its a tower during the winter, when it’s the giant green-looking tree that resembles nothing like an evergreen. thier failed attepmt at hiding it is kind of sad

  10. Lol…don’t chase a bear into those trees…WHO WANTS DEEP-FRIED BEAR!!! Great illusion…why on earth would they do that tho?

  11. They Have a tree just like 8 and 9 where I live , the first time I was told about it I thought i would have a hard time finding it… Yeah Nice fake

  12. Frodo is correct, though I don’t assume any of you are stupid–just deceived. These ARE in fact ELF (extreme low frequency) towers.

  13. Frodo is correct, though I don’t assume any of you are stupid–just uninformed about these towers. These ARE indeed ELF towers.

  14. I might just be wierd, but I don’t find cellphone towers perticularly hideous. However, I have no objection to this since trees do look beter than cellphone towers none the less.

  15. America is a whore which suckles at the teat of its zionist-israeli-fascist master who runs the country for the benefit of the zionist entity, to hell with the citizenry.

  16. Cell towers will be used as weapons against the people of this country when the time comes!!! ELF can be dangerous to living creatures, and when the Freq. is changed watch out.
    They are being hidden for a reason, not to make you feel better about your view of the sky!Time for you tree huggers to wake up!! Martial law is almost here!

  17. They purposely make the towers nicer and friendlier so that they build them closer to your homes….. and burn you faster with the microwaves and such (remember microwave ovens?)

  18. * wow *
    no doubt they look aesthetically pleasing, but being a paranoid i fear that this could be the sign of things to come.
    no ACTUAL trees, just pylons and such disguised to look like them…

  19. There are a few palm tree ones where I live in Arizona.

    I think it’s funny how they put DANGER stickers on them :)

  20. They’re E.L.F. towers, extremely low frequency, they’re known for emitting certain frequency waves to manipulate or control human behaviours. There’s one close to my house, honestly I don’t like this form of mind control by the government, it’s quite annoying and ugly. These aren’t illusions, just the governments way of trying to control the masses.

    If you ever see one try to disable it, break it, blow it to shit, or take it down, they’re evil.

  21. I remember when I lived in Pennsyvania seeing all trees and then somewhere in the back One huge cellphone tower disguised as a tree!
    I remembered laughing for so long too…

  22. First, I would like to clear up a few things, the radiation from towers such as these only causes damage if it is NEAR a vital organ such as the heart or brain, you have to be right up to it in order to be harmed. Second, those of you saying that these are mind control towers, when are the men in the white coats coming to give you your next dose?

    back to my comment, imagine if someone climbed one thinking it really was a tree.

  23. Frodo is correct, so is Lightworker, though they informed you that they are indeed ELF towers, neither of then bother with any details. ELF (extreme low frequency) are part of Project Blue Beam, these towers are designed to emit sound waves into your brains, so that when they (NWO) start projecting images onto the sodium layer in the mesosphere you will think you see and hear your lord and savior returning.

    Don’t fall for it.

  24. those are nifty but yes they do still stick out like a sore thumb… And they cost alot more to lol…..

    for all your tower needs come to

    old world values…

  25. project blue beam in effect>>wake up people and do ur research>>>these are very dangerous! you have no clue whats coming next!!!

  26. what if like a 5 yr old climbed one…
    bye bye baby
    hello burnt toddler

    i wonder if they make you like zombies 0.0

  27. Well, stop complaining about the fact that they don’t look real. What do you prefer: ugly tower or tree? Better than nothing. Although the danger signs do give it away. This works with sequoia trees, since they’re so frickin high anyways.

  28. i have seen some towers such as these, they did not look much like a tree, and was confused i thought there must be some other reson that they looked like that.

  29. Elf towers are a part of the mind conditioning/manipulation of the nwo. Seek God/The Father-Yahweh and His Son/Messiah-Yahushua for the ‘truth in all things’ through prayer. Visit (see top of main page for links to websites and articles page. Also scroll down left column and listen to (Sherry Shriner search) or click play (audio player/mp3s). DO NOT MOCK GOD JUST BECAUSE HIS METHODS INVOLVE UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPONS TO FIGHT EVIL (seems sci fi/fantasy). ‘Orgone’ is the key. Make it or buy it here:; God will destroy the church going crowd because they seek answers from pastors/pulpits (mankind) and not Him through prayer. Use the sacred Hebrew names in all prayers/petitions: God/The Father-Yahweh and Son/Messiah-Yahushua. Otherwise your prayers will be diverted to Jesus/Sananda-Satan’s forces. The pictures of ‘Jesus’ are not of Gods son – they are false idols. God doesnt permit any image in His/His Son’s likeness! Bible prophecy is real and will take place, whether you listen/repent or not.

    May God’s mercy be with you and your soul not find its way into Satan/Fallen Angel Lucifer’s hands. Repent (seek forgiveness) for your sins (disobedience), for the kingdom of God is near! Seek Yahushua (messiah) as your personal saviour/redeemer…CTKY)! Judgement Day is coming for the wicked and the ignorant shall perish along side the sinners. Don’t listen to the church crowd/pastors…ask God direct thru prayer!!

    JULY 2012

    1. I am not a Christian, KSavage, and I think these just aren’t fair. the fake tree part has no benefits to the telephone towers.

  30. Not sure about the NWO theories but there some deserved and growing concerns about cell phone generated ELF (low level electro-magnetic frequencies) and their impact on human health. A comprehensive report can be read here:

    The BioInitiative 2012 Report was prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS.

    Cell phone towers are an unhealthy source of elf’s. Perhaps the cell phone companies are protecting themselves against bad publicity coming from the impact they are making on human health by disguising their elf sources?

    BTW, holding up that cell phone to your ear ain’t a good idea. May as well be putting your head in a microwave oven when it’s on.

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