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How do you feel about our new website layout? Wait… Hold on! Before you make up your mind, you need to know this just a rough beta, and needs much more brushing and meddling with. Still, I feel it’s much cleaner and simpler now. This design gives us more space, and allows me to implement some new features, without making the page too cluttered! I just hope you’ll still like Mighty Optical Illusions this way… In a day or so (so you get time to adjust, and think about it), a poll will be included where you’ll get a chance to express your taste. Meanwhile, let’s check our newest optical illusion submission:

57 Replies to “New Design for!”

  1. Would you people be kind, and advise me what else to polish/fix/change? I’m listening…

    btw, if you also encounter any problems or errors, post here!

    1. My only problem with this site (both old and new versions) is that after the page loads it flashes and does some kind of quick 2nd load thing. It’s not a huge problem, but it is annoying when I’ve read a few words about the new illusion and then it flashes and I have to start again.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer being rubbish (as usual), but the website is all grey. Is this how it’s supposed to be? I have no complaints with it I’m just letting you know.

    Illusions are great as always

  3. I really like the second one! But I don’t really get the first one. Is it just a man and woman kissing inside of a nut/fruit/shell? I don’t think it’s really an illusion.

  4. I like this one. However, a glossy white/grey would be awesome.
    The blue one was so… last year.
    However, more gloss to it and I’ll be happy :D

  5. Personally I like the old version better. The gray in this layout is a little too overpowering for me. Nice illusion, though.

  6. Love the illusions…

    I think it’s funny that people are commenting on the gray being over powering, because on my computer the background is totally white and is so bright it almost hurts the eyes to look at it too long… :P

    Love the site… as always!

    1. Aha . . .now I see the embrace. But I don’t see an illusion in the first one.

      The site looks fine to me, but what do I know?

  7. Two great illusions for today, keep up the good work.
    BTW, I’ve been a long time visitor for this site and seen maybe 2 different layouts over these years(this one not included), I still think the one before the current was the best.

  8. PErsonally, the site looks fine, but i like the blue border in the old site, it made everything seem more organized. other than that, the sight looks great.

    As for the illusions, i dont get those. can someone explain the to me?

    1. the left corner of the shell is the heads of the couple. the inner peachy colored center of the shell would be their bellies. hope this helps.

    2. oh i know now its the same thing the shell is the man and women, the tip of the shell are the heads and the inside are the bodys and the 1st swirl is the leg of the women

  9. I really like these illusions!! The site- I am with the people about the background- I can’t tell if it is white or grey but either is too much for the eyes. maybe some color would help- but no fluorescents. I was okay with the blue. I also really don’t like the way the Facebook/Tweet share box follows me down the screen, like it is asking if I want to share each different comment. It would be okay if the box were stationary or right under the illusion, but that it is always in the same spot no matter where I scroll is driving me crazy! that said, I really enjoy this site. it is one of the few sites that I regularly visit simply for the content and nothing more. Keep up the good work!

  10. I like the site. I never knew it “the old way”, as I just downloaded the widget for my Vista within the last week and a half. The background on my computer is white.

    Love the illusions you put up, and these two in particular! Very beautiful!

  11. The second one could be MMA and the top bloke is about to pound his opponent into tomorrow, he’s definiely between the legs of his opposite number. This may be why MMA fighters don’t like the position, at least the bottom bloke.

  12. I think the logo should go towards the center of the screen, not away from it. And you to put a blue background, white is boring :)

  13. I absolutely love what you’ve done here and are continuing to’s exciting! Two very nice illusions that are so loaded with innuendos and messages for and from just about whatever one perscribes too.

    The first of course: for some reason walnuts will never taste the same to me! But there are so many other items in the artwork such as: the spider descending from his/her web; also the amount of precipation on the leaves – water droplets everywhere. The culture of the art almost looks as though “Humans are at Harvest” as indicated by the branches that the primary image(s) are suspended through. Also they throughout the piece they look as though there are pods of other plants and pic-to-graphs or cave drawings. Not to mention the guy in the boat and the illusion of maybe a head at lower left. I’d better submit this one

  14. The second one is far more interesting for me. Obviously the nautilus shell reveals a man and a woman in a clear embrace; however where the shell opens up there is the “Light.” All cultures are just about conclusive on what the light means: Life, being alive; so I see the bright round pearl and it’s placement as the potential offspring of this couple.

    The faces in the clouds as well as the circular wisp of some of the others could represent a heaven, someone looking down, or a whole different creation process. I love em’ and they’re great! Thank you so much!


    1. Paul,
      Your description of these beautiful pieces of art is delicious! I too saw the pearl as a
      potential new life. Thank you so much!!


    2. paul your hot and very intelligent mmmm do you live toronto your extremely perspetive and keen!!! your hot love your fb pix ciao nadia

  15. Really like the new layout; very much less Windows XP. (I also see it as more of a snow-white as less of a grey.) :D

    Beautiful illusions today!

  16. I like the first one a lot and only got the second after looking at the comments. Really love that second one that’s the better one. I like the changes and all the effort that you’ve put into it Vurdlak, love this site it always cheers me up.

  17. Add some color, Vurdlak! This gray is rather dull. The blue stripes on either side really brought color to your site!

    The links at the top should have a bar of their own, in a contrasting color, to really bring them out. Otherwise they’re lost in the sea of text. may give you some ideas.

    Also, remove the ad at the top and replace it with a header of your own! :)

  18. I’ve got two screens, a LCD and a CRT. On the CRT the background and ‘root thread’ are grey, but on the LCD it is all white.

  19. The layout looks good to me. My only criticism is the logo itself. I think it needs to be redesigned to make better use of the horizontal space above. It seems so small that the ad banner above it overwhelms it. It may be hard for new visitors to know what site they’re visiting. Plus the logo needs to be more imaginative, and evocative of optical illusions.

    Keep up the great work!

  20. I don’t know if it is just me or not but in the second illustration I can see that it is a couple embracing but the pink area between them looks like an eye to me.

  21. I’m happy with simple web interface. Too much glitz and glamour take away from the purpose of the site.

    That being said, I’d like to see a forward/back button on your daily illusions. That way if I forget to visit for a week, I can loop through the last 6 or 7 illusions.

    1. Yer, we soooooooooooooooooooo need forward and back buttons. PLEASE, Vurdlak, put this before anything else on the site!!!!! I’ll also try and make you a logo.

  22. I’ve noticed something for a while, i don’t know wheather it’s just my internet connection or that i use Firefox 3.6, but the page has to load twice.
    I mean:
    It loads once, all the pictures text and stuff loads then just out of nowhere the page refreshes and it all loads again. it doesn’t do it on any other website so it appears to be just this site.
    It’s no real inconvience to me but i thought i should point it out that it is happening to me.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  23. I like the new design, it looks so fresh. Also, I’m glad you removed the fixed background (fixed backgrounds always makes my firefox lag wile scrolling).

  24. Vladimir Kush is an artist specialising in the use of metaphor as his creative method in the art of painting. He calls his style Metaphorical Realism. Love it

  25. They’re not photoshopped, they’re paintings & I don’t think that they’re meant to look like photos.

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