Mighty Kid Optical Illusion

Here’s a funny photo I just received moments ago! No need to explain the illusion (or is it illusion at all!?), and I believe most of you will see it instantly! Now the only thing left is for me to decide whether I should categorize this as Funny or Scary! Perhaps both.. The only hint I can give you, is that it wouldn’t be wise to anger this kid. He might slap you, and if he was left handed – it wouldn’t end up well for you… Enjoy!

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  1. I see the kids “big hand” but I did wonder why the dad had his hand in such odd positioning. It took me a while to see he had it resting on his knee which is hidden by the kid.

  2. I totally didn’t see it…. it wasn’t until I read your commentary down to the part about “left handed” that I got it. I’d been concentrating more on the area around the faces, though.

  3. is just the hand of the father, the children has put his hand in the jacket and the father put his hand from back of jacket and shows in the other side, that’s the reason for 1 big hand

  4. and sorry for my bad english, i’m from a latin american country (Venezuela), i will put a image of the reason

  5. The little boy has his hand behind his back and the old guy (sorry) has his hand right by the sleeve to make it look like the kid has a huge left hand.

  6. It took me a few seconds to notice .Very funny

    You can see the tip of the kids real left thumb peaking out.

  7. “them ads pay for site operations”
    You have ads all over the page, and I don’t mind them. But this expanding top ad is annoying and I immediately scroll down, so I don’t even notice what’s in it. So how effective an add is that?
    It it remains up for long, I will take a look, then boycott that vendor.

  8. What you could (and probably should) do is complain to the company that provides the ads. Don;t forget they are dependent on your visitors for their income so if your visitors threat to stop visit you (or to keep visiting you but install an ad blocker). If many site owners complain, then the ad companies will have to act on that.

  9. mmm im d 1st 1 2 comment……..im glad… and dis is ma 1st comment
    lol…………….dtz his dadz hand………………dat child have a small hand which is hidden under d cloth…

  10. This is so obvious… the boy’s hand is hidden behind the guy’s hand. the sleeve is too big for the boy’s small hand, so he could have hidden it behind the guy’s hand, with the guy’s hand seemingly ‘coming out’ of the sleeve.

  11. his real left hand is in his sleeve… you can see the tip of one of his fingers sticking out of the sleeve…. look next to his body and you will see it.

  12. Okay, please. It’s the dad’s hand. The dad has his arm around his son. You can see the son’s thumb on the top of the dad’s hand.

  13. I have a question. Should this pic even be considered as an Optical Illusion? The answer is a no for me. This is a funny and cute pic of, I would guess, a father having fun with his Son, and creating a GREAT memory for this family’s photo album. Since I discovered this website about 3 years ago, this is the first Optical Illusion I have seen that, in my opinion, probably didn’t deserve to be posted here! On he other hand, you really do have an Outstanding Record of posting content that people want to see, so I probably should not be complaining about just one post that I didn’t like!!!!!!! I Love the content that is available on this site. Keep the GREAT Optical Illusions coming and Thanks for taking the time to read my post and sorry it’s so long!

  14. people! the das left hand is at the back of his son’s right hand , his son’s right hand is inside the outfit

  15. His dad’s hand is in front of his. Kinda obvious… if you looks hard, you can tell that the kid’s left hand is holding his dad’s – his dad’s being in front of it and blocking it to the camera.

  16. If you notice a crab has a bigger claw on one side. I wonder if he might be kin to a left handed crab?????????????

  17. the left hand is slightly closer to the camera. or…it’s just the dad’s hand. either way…his left hand isn’t REALLY that big.

  18. The little kid`s hand is too short for the robe and his dad is putting his arm/hand around him so it looks like he has a big hand,but he doesn`t.

  19. I have to hand it to you. I sure handedly confess this empty-handedly. He sure handed his hands a good handy-dandy illusion.

  20. oh come on this is so easy !
    that man next to the boy has got his hand through the back of the robe or whatever that is called. then he got his hand through the sleeve and that’s really it. illusion ?!

  21. this is really obvious, you can see that the kid’s arm isn’t long enough for the sleeve (you can see the tip of one of his fingers poking out the left side of the sleeve)and the man’s hand is in the place of the where the kid’s hand should be.

  22. Guys c’mon thats not his hand thats the hand of his father!Look!The big hand is blocking the small hand its like relative sizes

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