Lines In The Street Optical Illusion

Here’s an update to an old post. I’ve just switched the picture and replaced it with a higher res version. New post coming up in a second…

Lines A-B and C-D in the picture below are of the same length. You don’t believe me? That’s fine, go ahead and measure them for yourself! For more illusions of this type, be sure to check “Flower Illusion” and “2 Arrows”.

P.S. Previous picture included only lines A-B and A-C (old comments refer to that)

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    1. Your comment does not add anything value here so it probably was not worth posting. This website posts something new almost every day. Not everything can be mind-blowing. Besides, this is a free service he is providing. If you want to blow your mind, check out some older posts on this website.


    1. OK. For one, look at them again (without the help of a ruler). For two, look at line AC it is on a slight angle to the right, which means, they are the same lenght but not the same angle.

  1. Please don’t make fun of Blagh, I’m sure he/she is a very nice person. No offense to anyone, but I wish people would stop making fun of each other and focus on the Illusions

  2. I’m not making fun of anyone, but line “AC” is only about 1/2 an inch long. I believe we’re supposed to be compairing lines “AB” and “CD”. ;)

    1. Hey Bubs, I’ve just added a side note beneath the new pic. previous pic only had lines A-B and A-C (A was where now A and C are, and C was where D is now)

    2. I caught the timestamps later on, after I posted that – that’s when I figured the letters had been different before. Oops!

  3. Well I think it is cool! You can’t help but measure (I just hold my fingers to the lines to compare)even you know he is right:)

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