Lake-o-saurus Illusion in Google Earth

I have just received this submission from associate of mine, and found it pretty interesting. We haven’t had Google Earth illusions lately, so this one comes just in time. As you probably see, this aerial photo of a lake (location: Zagreb, Croatia – 45.78231, 16.024332) greatly resembles a creature of some sort. Gordan recognized a dinosaur figure, while I had more luck spotting an Alien from the same titled SF Movie. What do you see? A dinosaur, alien, alligator or maybe even a dragon? We already had dragon in Google Earth, so you might want to check it out as well! Oh, and those of you who didn’t add Facebook application, “Illusion of The Day”, hurry while it still lasts ;)

Update: Some visitors corrected me, and sent the larger image. If you look at the one posted above (small thumbnail on the left), it looks more like a dino now! There is correct link and co-ordinates in the comments section.

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  1. I see a person. The field on the top-right is the head, the curve in the lake (the most top-right) are the shoulders and the arms, and the legs are a little down-right to the middle. He’s also carrying a bag or something..

  2. If you go to and find this spot there is actually more to this illusion than what is being shown here. There is a big long neck on the creature. It really looks a lot more like one of those long necked dinosaurs (I have no idea what they are actually called). Pretty neat though.

  3. I don’t see it! Can anybody give some clue of maybe where the head is or something? I feel so stupid for not seeing it =\

  4. To be honest, might as well be a case of “Here’s a picture of a cloud – what kind of shape can you see”. Not really an illusion, just an invite to vague interpretation.

  5. Ugh! I hate google illusions! they’re so boring and you can only see things because someone has already told you it’s there! Waste Of Time!

  6. actually this lake was designed as a dinosaur, iv no idea where the original picture is, but its like a trex style (or them small ones in the kitchen on jurassic park) with its front feet off the ground, and its head turned almost back on itself so it can see behind/up… you can see the parts in the lake that have been made to create these areas (like jettys) which all then had trees planted, and around the lake, to make the shape. but now its just all overgrown and lost the effect :(

  7. Actually, the full picture is here. The full-sized image seems more like a Brachiosausus (a “long-necked” dinosaur). The coordinates are also slightly incorrect: it is 45.464847 N and 16.012333 E. I know I’m going to be flamed as a geek or whatever now…

  8. i c some historic warrior with the big lake as a helmet and the 2 mini ones under it as menacing eyes…i think i m nuts

  9. I see some sort of alien, and on the edge of the lake, i see a sea mermaid serpant type thing along with a brontosaurus…

  10. Yeah, with the link change, it makes a lot more sense. I did not see the dinosaur before, but now I definitely do.

  11. its definitely an elephant. im looking at the whole thing though, and the long thin part is it’s trunk

  12. i think that the whole lake in the big picture befaore it is blown up looks like a rat with his tail in the air

  13. if you look at the top left as the head it looks like a brontosaurus, and if you look at the bottom right it looks like a t-rex

  14. to him who spotted a chameleon, i applaud you sir – it is about the only obvious thing I can see in both the thumbnail and big picture.

    look in the top end of the lake, along the shore and beyond the road below is the Chameleons back and tail. Nicely spotted I think.

  15. The smaller image gives more dinosaur impression to me. It looks like a Sauropod with the long neck and feet. The larger image gives me an impression of a bear. I just want to emphasize on the smaller image

  16. i can see:
    -a dinousaur (the one with the long neck)
    -A elephant
    -a person
    -a kitney or kittney
    and a few more weird things ^^

  17. I see a brachiosaurus in the small pic but in the zoomed in pic, if i turn my head to the right, i see a man kneeling down on 1 leg with a giant hook for a hand ^_^

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