Julian Beever Rides Again!

In case you’ve been wondering what in the world happened to Julian Beever, here’s an update that should’ve been written ages ago! Years have passed since we last featured his magnificent 3-dimensional pavement drawings. In the mean time, Julian was busy as ever – producing one chalk-masterpiece after another. He even published a book featuring some of his most memorable achievements. Before you continue with this #gallery below, I suggest you check his earlier works first, just in case you missed something.

Julian Beever is known all over the world for his pavement drawings, more especially his 3D illusions, drawn in a special distortion to create an impression of 3D when seen from one particular viewpoint

Before developing his 3D, anamorphic style, Julian worked as a street busker, doing more conventional 2D portraits on busy shopping streets in London and Europe. In this way he learnt how best to use pastels before attempting the more innovative and ambitious 3D illusions that were to follow.

Anamorphic illusions are drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.

More Julian Beever stuff here:

20 Replies to “Julian Beever Rides Again!”

  1. Beever’s work is a little different than a lot of the chalk art we see here. It has a more csrtoonish/fairy tale quality. I really liked the cockroach.

  2. Just absolutely brilliant. what talent you have! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS….from an old emergng artist about to undergo cancer op on right wrist…so wish I had discovered art earlier. Would love to see more of yours if you have time to send.

  3. I find these pretty boring – unless there’s a shot from the wrong angle that shows what the guy had to do to make the one angle look right…

    1. That’s why it’s an illusion. Part of the fun is figuring out how it was done. Boring would be in knowing to begin with.

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