Invisible Sheep Illusion

There are lots of unexplainable phenomenon in this world.  Magicians never reveal their secrets.  Governments never balance the books and Olympics are always over budget.

This photo was taken by a Canadian farmer, Liezel Kennedy.  Every morning, Kennedy scouts her lot.  She has a herd of more than 500 sheeps.  However, on one cold Saskatchewan morning, she woke up to this.

sheep in field illusion

Where is her herd of sheep?

Not a single sheep can be spotted.  What sorcery is this?  As Kennedy walked further into the field to inspect closely at the tall, brown grass sticking up after the snowfall.

where are the sheep illusion

Look closely.

zoom in on field sheep illusion

Now we can see the herd is perfectly aligned.  They were playing hide and seek with Kennedy.

The optical illusion has us focussing on the white snow.  We would assume to be missing the ‘white’ sheep, rather than the brown background, which appears merely as distant grasses and hay.

I bet now that you know where to look, you cannot miss the sheep in the first photo.

Can you find all the animals in this illusion?

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