Anamorphic 3D Printing Optical Illusion

We will always come across unique and new ways of how people create new, intriguing and creative optical illusions.  The technology focus of it is also something we have been happy to see its incorporation.

Sage Hansen from Texas, has created this video below.

Using 3D printing, can you believe this box is in fact not a box?

coins stacked on a flat box

Hansen is a 3D animator by day has created a virtual cube and camera angle on his 3D software.  ‘I started to draw lines at random positions and angles until they aligned in the camera’s perspective. Then, extruded the lines to make them thicker and rounded off the corners to soften the lighting. After, printed the object on my 3D printer’, he said.

3D box illusion

anamorphic box process

anamorphic shape illusion

The boxes can only be real when viewed at a specific angle.  Once you move, the object is distorted and the viewer can see it as an abstract arrangement of sticks and pegs.

The design process took Hansen around two and a half hours per cube.  The inspiration may have been something we know a thing or two about.  ‘I have always enjoyed seeing forced perspective chalk art’, he said.

distorted figure perspective

Anamorphic illusions have been an integral part of Moillusions.  Check out these previous posts for anamorphic drawings and sculptures.

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