28 Replies to “Impossible Columns”

  1. Wow those are ah-mazing!im only 12 and i get some of these that older people don’t!!!Anyways i love this web site!!! [even though this is my first time on it! lol]

  2. Owwwwww….my eyes!! lol. Excellent thought. I’ve seen some illusions of this type before, but never these particualr ones. =)

  3. in the 1st pic there are really 3, but someone – probably using photoshop – has cut off the middle one, so now it’s 2 and a half

    the other ones are just plain freaky

  4. I agree with “Hopefully a genius, but probably not…”. But cool illusions! My sister totally freaked out.

  5. love hate relationship w/ these…i love them, but i hate how confused they make me…agh!!! i actually havta think about them…ugh. :/ :I

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