Hypnose Sofa Illusory Furniture

Rafael Simões Miranda does what he calls “Italian design through Brazilian eyes“. Chances are slim that the optical illusion pattern he used to create this interesting piece of furniture simply appeared in his dreams. This isn’t the kind of design one just conjures up. So either (a) he was aware of Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s original Snake Illusion, or (b) he was following our website from day one. Either way, check the Hypnose Sofa Rafael designed. This would be a great piece of furniture for an optometrist’s waiting room.

29 Replies to “Hypnose Sofa Illusory Furniture”

  1. Wow, that thing is giving me a headache just looking at it for a couple minutes here. I’d burn it if I had to spend 8 hours with it. They should put these things in prisons, people wouldn’t be so willing to go back.

  2. My wife would have me locked up for doing something like that. Can you imagine what it would be like with a hangover?
    The couch all but disappears against the background in the last frame where the perspective obscures the outline..

  3. the idea is nice, it’s only a pity that the effect only comes to life in the last picture.

    i know the intention of the pattern, but it just doesn’t work properly when it’s not flat.

    as the last picture suggests, it’s nice, but only if you redecorate your room ^.^

  4. OMG! I wonder if it’s better with dope? ‘Cause I’d have to take drugs to be anywhere near this room!!
    Cool illusion, though

  5. I think if anyone look it for few minutes continuously then he will find his mind trap into some illusion. Try it as i have tried it too. Thanks for posting and really a very illusive furniture.

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