Another Garbage Shadow Illusion

garbage ship shadow illusionDue to author’s request, we had to remove the video in our previous post, and were instructed to replace it with original YouTube’s embeddable code. It isn’t my preferred choice (not to have our self hosted video player), but what’s important is that you can still see the flick.

On the other hand, I have received this magnificent installation, one that greatly resembles Tim Nobel and Sue Webster’s optical illusion opus. Check the garbage formation. It doesn’t resemble to anything meaningful. But cast a light on it from certain point of projection, and the marvelous sailing ship magically appears.

Many shadow illusions can be seen if you follow the #shadow tag, but what’s more staggering (for me) is how you didn’t like the Trashy @ Sign Shadow. Perhaps because it was put aside to our new iPad App?

22 Replies to “Another Garbage Shadow Illusion”

  1. The reason why I didn’t like the ‘@’ illusion… is because I didn’t realize it was an illusion! I thought it was just the ‘@’ sign printed onto a piece of paper, only used to be relevant to the post.

    These illusions are very impressive!

  2. i wish we had a close up but dat was lyk totally awsome! radical lyk totally! lyk sooo totally awesome. im lyk soooooo totally hyperventilating right now! dat pic is lyk so totally hot! hahahahahahahaha im srry i just cudnt help miself dat was 2 funni! XP

  3. I know this art installation. This is called ‘One Cannot Cut The Sea’ by a very clever man: Shigeo Fukuda.

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