How May Holes Are in This Shirt?

I have an interesting brain taser for you this morning. It’s not a hard brain teaser at all. In fact, it shouldn’t take you long to figure this one out at all.

how many holes brain teaser

Well, there you have it—a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it’s actually worth seven, but you get my drift.

Were you able to figure out this simple puzzle? Or wasn’t it as simple as you thought?

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10 Replies to “How May Holes Are in This Shirt?”

  1. The only sure answer is there’s no way to know for sure. There’s no way of knowing if there is a back on the shirt, so you can’t count the neck, sleeves or torso. Not to mention how many holes there are on the back, if there is a back, that line up with the covered parts of the front. Could be 40 small holes. Finally, the two apparent holes could just be tape or paint the same color as the background. I say there are no holes.

  2. The Answer is 4, because with-out the other 4 holes, it could not be A Shirt. But this is Mighty Optical Illusions and we see 2 holes on A flat cut-out of A Shirt. From this the answer is zero because we see no depth.There is no-way A Shirt can bent up that way with-out showing some depth.

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