Happy Pareidolia Illusions To Cheer You Up

Do you guys recall a previous article that was published on Moillusions about pareidolia?  If not, you should read more about it.

Christmas is around the corner and it has been cold to the bone this year.  Have you all finished your holiday shopping yet?  Today I want to bring these cheerful illusions to you.  Hopefully, these lifeless but happy illusions will bring joy to you.  Don’t be a Grinch now.

happy tree illusion

This tree is full of life.  It smiles back when you hug it.


happy binocular illusion

He is a dorky looking binocular.  Would you look thru that?

happy plane illusion

Welcome to the Happy Airline where it’s always happy and we promise to not kick passengers off.


happy twix illusion

Took a bite of this and it was making me feel so happy that I bought it.  Would Kit-Kat smile back?


happy pepper illusion

These peppers

champion stick illusion

Finishing first place in the annual 100M stick dash.  He deserves to gloat.


happy mushroom illusion

What illusion can you see here?   Is this mushroom edible?


happy pipe valve illusion

Why so serious?  The pipes will not burst so long as this guy stays positive.

happy picture frame holder illusion

How I feel when someone takes my parking spot on Christmas Eve.

bottle opener monster illusion

Bottle opener monster says “6 drinks in… LIT!”

drunk heater illusion

Go home heater, you are drunk!  I will call you a taxi.  Don’t drink and drive.

happy bird illusion

I have a feeling.  That tonight’s going to be a good night.

happy lighter choir illusion

Fa la la la la, la la la la, the lighter choir is coming to a convenience store near you.

happy glasses case illusion

Does he look like Pepe the frog?

sleepy bread illusion

Santa might like some Lemon Raspberry Loaf instead of cookies this year.



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