Coca-Cola’s Holiday Cans With Hidden Illusion Designs

Coca-Cola is notoriously known as the king of advertisement.   To keep up with the winter theme, Coke’s use of the polar bear is well documented thru the test of time.  Therefore, for this holiday season, there is a unique spin and fun campaign involved.  If you have a very detailed eye, you may have already noticed this illusion on the cola cans.  It is extremely clever for the designer to utilize abstract and disguise to illustrate the illusion.

The Artist

Israeli graphic designer and artist, Noma Bar is the one responsible for this masterful artwork.  He is an expert at using negative space as a creative canvas.  Often, his work will contain many images pieced together.

“The illustrations feel fresh and playful and capture special holiday moments of family togetherness,” Bar told Design Taxi about the limited-edition soda cans, which have been released in lush shades of red, green, silver and black.

coca cola can illusion

Can you spot the illusions?

coca cola holiday cans hidden secrets

Let me zoom in the photos for your viewing.

cans hidden secrets nose

Bar used bottle caps from cola bottles as the polar bear’s eyes.

cans hidden secrets eyes

The bottle shape itself is used as a form of shading and shine of the bear’s nose.

Did this illusion make you want to reach out and have a nice bottle of Coke to drink?


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