Gregor Wosik’s Otherworldly Art

By now, I think it’s safe to say that most of you prefer when we feature realistic chalk drawing illusions. Below you may see a collection of otherworldly images that trick the eye. Author is #Gregor Wosik, a street artist from Poland. Although he is not as well known as #Julian Beever, #Kurt Wenner or #Edgar Mueller, his quality work is quickly earning him an admirable reputation! If my memory serves me well, he was the one who created those Jack Daniels anamorphic drawings. While the pictures work form a specific angle, they look distorted from every other angle. Whether the art pieces are composed of natural scenery or fantasy, they are always quite a sight to see! Some of Gregor Wosik’s works can be seen below, and more inside the attached gallery

Few more examples of Gregor Wosik’s work:

27 Replies to “Gregor Wosik’s Otherworldly Art”

  1. Love it! They’re all so amazingly realistic. I wish I could do that. Sadly, I probably couldn’t do that. I’m bad at art like that, but nice illusion!

  2. All chalk drawings are amazing! But this artist is obviously very imaginative with his ideas, like the mermaid and the pop-out book (I agree with Theo). I’ve never seen its like before!

    However, is it just me, or is the first one slightly stretched, if you know what I mean? And the wreath on the grave and the cross-section of the log seem a bit flat. Also, this guy does his pieces less vividly in terms of the colors he uses – I personally like the ‘less realistic’ ones whose exaggerated colors pop out at you.

    Still, AMAZING!

    1. I simply adore these…they are magical to me. thank you for these…and all your shares. I LOVE this site! Keep up the good work, please!!!

  3. awesome – i like the log bridge and ‘stepping stones’ – but the one where hes drawing is crazy – doesnt look like hes touching the picture

    all very well done – but photography always seems to be off the optimal angle for the illusion


  4. I think a photographer needs to be more careful abut their viewing angle for a shot — the illusion does not quite work in these as a result of being a bit off.

  5. nice work. but you can se that hes just not up there with the very best! the tail on the mermaid is not “connecting right. behind her. also the treetrunk is distorted. and he mis calculatet the fence(its missing a corner). still it is very good work. cust keep it up, it´s still very impressiv work.

  6. Has anyone seen these in person? They look really good in a 2D photo, but I’m wondering if they have the same effect in 3D real life…


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