Giraffe and the Plane Optical Illusion

Hello everyone! Today is Thursday, and only one more day until the weekend begins! Everyone loves animals, and sometimes go to unique and exotic locations to look at them. One of the most beautiful animals in the world are giraffes, and sometimes they can grow to be quite tall. Today’s optical illusion proves that sometimes animals can surprise us in a variety of ways.

Giraffe Airplane Optical Illusion


What do you all think? Does it not look like the giraffe has snatched a plane out of midair? Imagine how it must have been for the people in the plane to get so close to the giraffe that this amazing optical illusion was created?  There is another way to look at this illusion, and it could be that the giraffe in this area, probably Africa, have grown so tall they can simple grab airplanes out of the sky! Oh no, its Giraffe-zilla!

Seriously though folks, this optical illusion may look like a giraffe has caught himself some dinner, but remember, giraffes do not eat planes. This illusion does play a bit of a trick on the eyes, and ready to see another one that does too? This illusion will make you think twice about seeing a welcome mat!

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