72 Replies to “Funny Fart Illusion”

  1. Hahaha very funny,Why doesnt he just get a match,then put it behind him and fart? (Just kidding) :)

  2. funny yes but anyone with a brain can tell that he is on an oil platform and that falme is the natural gas that is produces when they drill for oil but yes its still funny

  3. Judging by the safety net next to him hes on an oil rig and thats the flame from them burning off the excess natural gass.

  4. childish ? yes . but where is your sense of dumb high school boys.{dumb humor} if thoght it was hillarious

  5. Ouch.


    There are one of ttwo explanations for this photo.

    One is that somebody soaked his pants in kerosene and then threw a match on it while he was bending over to pick up a coin or something.

    The other explanation is that he has been taking lessons from a friend of mine!

  6. Guy1:”I shouldn’t have had those 12 spicy bean burritos.”
    Guy2:”Let’s quarintine this place,

    THANK YOU ladys and gentlemen!

  7. Now that’s gotta hurt. What kind of salsa did you say he ate? Or did he pick up a can of Sterno by mistake?

  8. only chuck norris can fart like that…this is obviously a guy standing in front of chuck norris after he farts…not a good idea he was probably killed soon afterward…

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