Freakish Frame Optical Illusion

Just by looking at this frame on your right, you would say there is no chance it depicts a perfect rectangle, right? But hang on there for a second! Let me show you what happens if we just remove the wavy frame surrounding the picture… Voila!

The inner picture now becomes a perfect rectangle! Be sure to check the #gif animation attached below for proof. It’s really strange how certain patterns can influence our perception of reality, do you agree?

This illusion was originally produced by Greeenpro2009, and you may see the video of it on Greeen’s youtube channel. I personally adore simple optical illusions (such as this one), specially when done professionally, and in such a visually appealing way. Goood job Greeenpro2009!

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  1. Also not that the two inner rectangles are probably identical as well, although one looks much redder than the other.

  2. Eyes follow the lines and that is how ppart of our perception is born. Funny how our minds are so quick to distort the reality we live it simply because of visual cues!

    This reminds me of the other .gif where white circles transition to black circles and back again. Because our eyes were following the transition from bottom to top, we felt as though the circles were moving up. Just like here where the lines thin out and taper as if going into a distance, we think the frame is converging!

  3. Illusions like this one are so old school they have been much over used – it is not even a good example!

  4. FYI…

    Get ready for traffic.

    Yahoo just featured this website on it’s home page.
    It did 5 images that were heavy pixelated; George Washington, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Whistler’s mother, and King George the ???.

    Great seeing this website getting more attention.

  5. Proof Fail! In the moving GIF, the patterned frame really is about 1/16 of an inch lower at the top right corner. Hold a square edged piece of paper along the right edge of the frame, and you can clearly see the frame jump up and down the paper a bit. It’s only the top right edge that moves – all other edges of the frame’s “boards” – stay put.

    1. Oh dear, you are correct. I blew the .gif up to about 4x its original size and the top right corner of the frame is indeed changing positions. At that size, the .gif is shifting about 1/16″, hence, at the original size, you won’t be able to tell at all. >_<

      As damaging to the credibility of this illusion this information is, I hope people will still understand the concept behind this illusion. This illusion is still using legitimate optical illusion tricks.

  6. Top corner moves up and down when frame is removed. Sorry, but that is not an optical illusion, it’s cheating.

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