Face Paint Kissing Illusion

It takes a pretty artistic person to create an optical illusion. We’ve seen optical illusions created in many different mediums, including paint, pen, pencil, photography, and even trash. Makeup optical illusions are also pretty cool, but we don’t see these as often as some of the others. I haven’t posted many makeup illusions lately, because I know many of you weren’t terribly impressed with all of the body paint illusions that were posted a while back. However, I ran across this kissing illusion this morning, and thought it was definitely worth a share!

kissing illusion

How many faces do you see in this kissing illusion? Thanks to the clever face paint job here, you probably see two faces. The features of the person’s face have been accented and altered with expertly applied makeup to make it look as if two people are kissing! The face on the right looks female, because of the eye makeup and lipstick, and the face on the left looks male. The woman is also holding her hand just so to make it appear as one of the lovers is cradling the other’s face. Pretty cool!

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