Dinner Table Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing on this fine Sunday morning? I hope you are all doing great and that you have been enjoying your weekend thus far. The forecast says that today is going to be the best weather we have had all week long, so I’m definitely really excited to get outside and enjoy it. I highly suggest you do, as well, because we all know that Monday is when you have to start the work week back up again.

Today, I have a new optical illusion I’m going to post up that’s a little bit different. It’s a form of art, but in a different way. In my opinion, the person that created this piece of artwork has an amazing imagination, because they’ve used a bunch of different stuff in conjunction with each other to make an image. As you can see, this person has placed random items on a dinner table and it makes it look like there’s a giant face on the table. Want to see what I’m talking about? Go ahead and scroll down to see.

Dinner Table Optical Illusion

Now, that’s a pretty cool optical illusion, isn’t it? This person has some amazing talents.

Are you hungry for more optical illusions? If so, you should try to spot the object in this image.

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  1. More of a Collage than an optical illusion. By this criteria, all art is an illusion since reality is represented by something else.

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