Dark Skull lllusion

Skulls are pretty creepy and dark, yet beautiful at the same time. They remind us of our own mortality, yet the complexity of this part of the human body almost makes a skull a work of art. Maybe that’s why skull illusions are rather common and almost always popular. I have quite the interesting skull illusion for you today too. Take a look…

skull illusion

Chances are, the first thing that popped out at you about this picture was that it was a human skull. Look a little harder, though, and you can plainly see that this isn’t a skull at all. It’s actually a sitting woman who is bending over with her head between her knees and hands clasped behind her head.

This skull illusion isn’t just dark because it looks like a skull either. The darkness of the picture and the position of the woman invoke feelings of sadness and despair, at least for me. You get the feeling that this woman is wrestling with some very strong emotions.

This skull illusion reminds me of the ballerina and evil clown illusion a little.

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