Coin Makes Big Things Look Small

We’ve talked about tilt shift images before, where the photographer uses selective focus and a titled shot angle  or special lens to make a regular-sized image appear to be only a model. But the Big Money Project takes the tilt shift process a step further by placing ordinary objects beside a giant coin that immediately provides a recognizable miniature scale in our mind. The result is a delightful selection of every day objects that suddenly look unarguably tiny.

The coin, made from painted and lacquered wood, was created at a 20:1 scale to an ordinary 50 cent Euro piece, meaning everything appears to be 20 times smaller than it is in actuality.

Here’s how the team’s coin mover looked in between setting up the shots above.

The Skrekkogle art design group responsible only made one coin so far, but they say they may make more and put them up for sale if they get enough requests. So, if you want to be able to make your own images like these, you’d better head over to their site and start asking them to sell you one.

In the meanwhile, here are a few images showing what it took to make the original coin.

What do you guys think, would you be interested in purchasing your own giant coin so you could make your own cool illusions? I’m sure it would also make a great conversation starter while sitting around your home between uses.

31 Replies to “Coin Makes Big Things Look Small”

  1. Interesting illusion how the coin appears to be the real thing while the real objects appear to be models or toys. This is a great example of “big change”, LOL.

  2. Didnt noticed, that the thingy is an Euro cent, until i read the description. So it´s not the pseudo-Euro that makes the things smaller, it´s just the angle of the cam (above the objects) + a little Tilt Shift Focus-filter and the “illusion is perfect.

    But nice, though.

  3. I think having a giant coin would be awesome. I live in the US, so a Euro might confuse people, but that would only make it more fun for me. If it didn’t cost too terribly much, I’d love to buy one.

  4. That’s cool! All of the objects looked like toys! (But on my illusion of the day widget on my dashboard, at first I thought it was a giant ritz cracker :)

  5. I agree with Dayhinu. All objects look miniature till you get to the man holding it over his head. Then, the mind shifts to a normal sized man and a super large coin. Cool!

  6. The first one actually didn’t work on me, possibly because I own a Miata. My immediate thought was that it was a fake huge coin. The middle four are great, though.

  7. Very inreresting & cool Optical Illuions!!! The Huge coin really does make all of the “Normal” size objects look like tiny toys! None of the pictures gives any hint that it could be the other way around!!! These are some of the better Optical Illusions I have ever seen!!!!

  8. the main reason to make them look small is not the coin. this is called tilt-shift photography. a lens called ’tilt-shift lens’ could make all these effects without the coin. the coin is just to enhance the effect.

  9. My 3 and a half years old daughter was peeping over my shoulder… And she said: Papa, this is a very big coin!

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