Circling Flower Optical Illusion

Phenomenal optical illusion was just sent in by Melanie. Even though she can’t be sure about the author and its origin, Melanie noticed how the hole animated #gif seems to rotate (when observed as a whole), which is just the opposite from when you observe each and every individual dot by itself. Crazy, isn’t it? Update – source: Bees&Bombs

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  1. This is a great example of how a wave propagates through particles (or a sports stadium, for that matter). The individual particles move in their own pattern in a local area, but taken together, the wave moves along through and past that local spot.

  2. I’ll bet this animation is a good analogy as to how ocean and lake waves move across the water’s surface, even though any given bit of water hardly moves overall from its place in the water.

    Cool GIF. Pretty colors, too.

  3. The whole image *actually* rotates, in a sense.
    In my opinion it’s not a real illusion.

    It’s like waving a rope up and down from one end when someone holds the other end.
    Every point in the rope only goes up and down, but the “wave” moves along the rope.
    Here the wave is circling around, even though no dot is. They are just out-of-phase in a sinusoidal way.

  4. The amount of time that went into just the timing on each dot must be intoxicating. That or the artist was lol.

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