Check Out This Crazy Optical Illusion Website!

There’s no mistaking that Mighty Optical Illusions is an optical Illusion website. I hunt around for great optical illusions and fun perfectly timed or posed photographs to share with you guys every day. Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! I know that we’re not the only optical illusion website out there either. I’ve run across some great sites similar to MOIllusions in my Internet travels.

However, just the other day, I ran across a website that really amazed me! The whole thing is an optical illusion website! And I don’t mean that there are optical illusions posted or published on it—it’s the website that’s an optical illusion itself!

optical illusion website

Visitors to are treated to a simple but effective optical illusion. As the name of the website suggests, just scroll down the page slowly to see a fun moving optical illusion. Don’t scroll too quickly, though, or the effect will be lost. Oh yeah—don’t forget to have fun!

How cool is this optical illusion website?! If you loved it (or hated it), please take a moment to rate this moving illusion below. When you’re done, make sure you check out this awesome spinning spiral illusion!

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