Bricklaying Illusions

Johnny Clasper is a bricklayer apprentice.  He abandoned it to become a professional landscaper utilizing his gift of artistry and illusions.  Johnny can turn ordinary pebbles and discarded stones into gorgeous landscape art.

Bricklaying Illusions


Johnny always laid bricks in a rectangular and flat way.  However, since he has embraced the curves and flow of natural stones.  He creates pieces like this.

bricklaying illusions

Honey bees might not live here but the illusions these majestic stone create are very interesting.

stone beehive illusion

rock scorpion illusion

This is a good way to build a storm drain into your patio.  Very creative.

patio whirlpool illusion

The flat stones aligned to form a river illusion in the pathway.

rock waterfall illusion

pebble spirals illusions

Amazing Stonemason

Meet the stonemason, Johnny Clasper.  Good luck in your future endeavors.  Moillusions refers you as a master illusionist and master of your craft.

johnny clasper

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