Bird or Swan Optical Illusion

So, what I’ve been up to these days: I’ve listened to your advice and made the galleries load faster. Be sure to check this exampled gallery, and tell me if it’s working quicker for you. I’m also doing some tests using different thumbnails below posts. Hope these aren’t problematic for you like previous ones were?

Additionally, expert I hired helped me quicken the loading times, so you should have better experience when browsing from now on. I still need your feedback regarding all of the changes. Is everything on this site functioning for you? Do you still notice ANY technical or logical errors when you browse? Report anything you find problematic, and I’ll see if it can be fixed :D BTW, once again I have implemented Top 10 Optical Illusions section at the end of our sidebar. Regarding the illusion in this post – well, the title says it all!

31 Replies to “Bird or Swan Optical Illusion”

  1. Huh, what?!

    A swan *is* a bird. But that doesn’t look like a swan. It looks like a goose.

    I am so confused.

  2. Seriously, a swan IS a bird! And plus, it dosen’t even look like a swan. More like a goose. Still, an ok illusion all round…..

  3. First of all, swans are birds too. So by answering bird both possibilities are covered.

    With that out of the way, my answer is NEITHER.
    Neither end could be a plausible tail and the wings are all kinds of wrong either way.

    But for the less anatomy-aware, nice illusion.

  4. What a funny bird. And, as all the others say, a swan is a bird, and it looks like a goose the other way! But this way it looks like… a dove.

  5. Not the best illusion this site has had for sure, but otherwise, just a fine illusion!
    And as many others have already noted: A swan is a Bird!!

  6. You’re doing great and always improving your website! We’re so spoiled now that we just expect perfection and take you for granted. So sorry!! That’s the price of fame! Depending where I am and which device I’m using, the download speed varies, but it doesn’t bother me.
    By the way, I could see both birds simultaneously.

  7. regarding your comments on loading speed, I’d prefer not to be insulted, and because I’m not doing what you expect I don’t expect to be sworn at. I think you ought to appreciate your custom whatever our motives are.

    an aplogy please.

  8. As I said before, loading times are epicly faster haha. Idk about the thumbnails, I’ve blocked ads on my browser. Sorry :) But they never bothered me to begin with when I had them, so there you go. Loading time was my main complaint with the site, so I’m totally happy with it! Although, when you re-implement the Facebook posting (for comments) I’d love a way to disable that entirely if possible. It’s nice to be able to post with my Facebook account, but I don’t need it showing up on my wall really ever. Keep it up!

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