3D Illusion in Stockholm’s Square

I’m little bit disappointed how none of you responded to my question regarding loading speed of our galleries. This also tells me how most of you don’t give a crap about what I say, as long as the illusions keep coming. I also noticed how I end up with pretty dumb headlines, when my attention is drawn away from illusions ;D

So let’s see if I can fix this with today’s post! It appears the Swedish artist Erik Johansson has joined the pavement chalk-masters wagon with his incredible optical illusion in the center of Stockholm. It tricks you into believing that the giant hole has opened up in the middle of the main city square. The illusion measures 32 by 18 metres and is located in Sergels torg square. Check some of the shots as well as accompanying video after the jump:

I’ve always been quite fascinated by perspective illusions and some time ago I got an idea of trying to realize one in a public space. My idea was to put up a photo in an environment and actually trick people that it would have depth. Street illusions aren’t new, but I wanted to try and make it as a photo instead of a mere drawing – Johansson

While some of the passers-by haven’t even noticed the illusion, others who have had the luxury of viewing the huge illusion from above beforehand, seem to have had a lot of fun with it as the video below shows. Now why is it that every other 3d chalk drawing master ends up drawing holes in the pavement?

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  1. Sorry I didn’t respond about the loading speed of the galleries ;)
    It’s quite fast, I should say.

    Oh, and on the video, I wonder if the man realizes it is a chalk drawing or not!

    1. lol wouldve laughed if it werent an optical illusion and they fell into a massive manhole XD!

  2. Don’t be upset with us, Vurdlak! I for one definitely enjoy your commentaries, they really add another dimension to the illusions. I guess I don’t really see much difference in the speed of the site, but for one thing it’s always seemed pretty good to me, and for another there’s so many factors that can affect how fast a site loads it’s hard to say whether your changes made a difference.

    P.S. Excellent illusion today, that’s really awesome!

  3. I love how there are people just walking across the hole :D

    The website loads well enough for me, I don’t really have problems with it.

  4. Hi! Sorry if I’ve never written to you, but I enjoy everyone of tule illusions you post. Thanks very much! This is a very good one. It has to be amazing to be in Stockholm to see the illusion live.

  5. VERY groovy illusion. I, too luv these kinds of illusions. it’s nice to see it as a permanent part of the plaza instead of just a chalk drawing.

    keep up the great work.

  6. Best post so far, great content and I agree with what you said at the beginning, people really just care about the explanations and images. But I especially loved the quote you included in this one with the enlarged text, looks and reads great! I read your post yesterday, I’m a new-ish viewer but have never had any problems with load time on your site, also love the galleries and the voting. Awesome work! Even if we don’t always say it, all of us out her in internets-land really appreciate all the work you put into the research and blogging, I for one am loving it and look forward to your posts daily :)


  7. Sorry I have not responded to your questions..and I do give a crap about what you say! I get your daily illusion on my Google homepage, and I have for quite some time; honestly, I could not ask for anything better! It loads fast, no problems, and I check it before I start any of the day’s activities! I look forward to the stories you tell of where you live. I don’t belong to Facebook or Twitter, and I figured my response wouldn’t mean much..so, keep doing what you’re doing..I love it!

    1. I also View in my Google homepage .
      Love reading your posts about whats happening in your life
      Thanks ♥

  8. Hi,

    Another nice one. This illusion was actually showcased on Dutch television on friday on RTL4 on a program called “Editie NL” Oh, I see you posted it on saturday, so they got it from somewhere else?

  9. Awesome site! I just came across it a few minutes ago. Thanks for all of this.

    You did ask for some feedback and one thing I saw was that the pictures loaded quickly, but the random illusion button always brings me to the “shoe” paintings. :)

    Thanks so much for a great site! I’ll be checking back often.

  10. Love the illusions. Re you question about speed – when I click random illusion, I keep getting the escher dice illsion.

  11. Loads fast for me and love this site i have the widget but still come to the site for full affect,
    im trying this again as all my post get rejected.

  12. Your galleries always load fast for me :)
    I wanted you to see an illusion I made, but I can’t find an email or something to send it to you. Where can I contact you?

  13. sorry i couldn’t respond. i tried but there was some connection problem. it does work faster now.

  14. Dig the emotion! Remember many folks love beinfg in a state of awed wonder or confusion on this sight! Your illusions, and the work ya put into them is admirable and a day-changer…
    Load-Speed is faster, for awhile all that fone-app. talk seemed like us lowly P.C. users had become ‘totally’ passe`. By the way, I usually read them letters first…far-out, peace-out.

  15. Okay, Great Illusion but i am kind of getting sick of 3D chalk drawings. They look amazing but theres just too many u know what I mean?

    1. 1 xtra thing, do they always have to involve holes in the ground? I find it odd how more of them aren’t things comin out of the grounnd

  16. I’m Swedish and live in Stockholm but this year I’ve spent in Seoul as an exchange student, so I’m not getting to see the hole :( love this illusions that softly blend in with public space tho

  17. Hey calm down! Some of us did respond to your comments. The loading speed is variable, and I love your witty comments.

    Now back to the illusion it is fantastic but NO WAY could I stand there! just looking at it is making me queasy.

  18. The loading speed is definitely faster. The site used to have to load twice every time I opened a page. Not only was it slow, it brought me back to the top of a page after I was already reading :) That problem is gone now.

  19. crazy man. The illusions are excellent, I use the W7 widget all the time. Loads fast, great explanations, video and photos are helpful. Kind of always makes me feel stupid sometimes. I guess that’s the point.
    Keep it up.

  20. Hi,

    I love you illusions, but never comment. Sorry! Don’t get disheartened. Some do care! Always seems to load fine for me :)

  21. we do listen were just a bit lazy or arent really sure about it or somthin i for one didnt see the question but ill say its grate

  22. Hi – I want a 3d image on my patio that I would then lacquer/resin it to ensure it lived for many years. How much can I expect to pay for a 3m x 3m image.
    Alternatively the artist(any artist) could have free rein on my 1983 soft-top land rover, it’s a vehicle that regularly trawls through London West End and circumnavigates the M25 – a moving testament to your talent.
    Blue skies and green lights to you all,

  23. First time here so as far as the speed goes, can’t comment but I do want to express how your hard work and effort has deeply inspired me and has opened a new view for me to seek out, leading me towards my life long dream. I want to thank you and you are greatly appreciated by me.
    You are a creator of positive inspirations.

  24. this is simple but but super amazing, two thumbs up- those creators really amazed me everytime I visit this site,

    I hope here in my country (philippines) they’ll paint some, wow keep it up….

  25. Just found you on the side list of optical illusion of the day app., the site loaded easier than the original one I was on!! ;- So far I like your rhetoric….it’s amusing! Keep it going and thanks for the entertainment!!

  26. i don’t give a crap about what you write
    a lot of selfish stuf
    i don’t care about your opinion

  27. I have seen a lot of these. They are really cool. Go to youtube and write, 3D chalk art. They have cool video’s.

  28. This is my first visit to your website. I’m sure it won’t be the last. As for the speed of loading? WOW! It’s faster than my home page that has only one picture on it. And a small one at that!

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