8 Awesome Shots of a Bullet Shooting Random Things

Whether you’re a fan of guns or not, you kinda have to appreciate the awesomeness of a perfectly timed photo of a bullet shooting through something. The skill and patience required to capture these shots is just crazy. Not to mention, the timing of the shot and the aim of the marksman also has to be perfect and spot on!

Probably one of the most recognized images of a bullet shooting through something is that of a bullet passing through an apple…

bullet shooting 1

But, have you ever seen a bullet shooting a banana? This one disturbs me a little for some unexplainable reason…

bullet shooting 2

Apples and bananas are one thing, though. (Actually, two things.) Imagine the skill a marksman would have to have to shoot a falling water droplet! Okay, this oneĀ might have been Photoshopped…

bullet shooting 3

If you can’t hit a water droplet, do you think you’d have better luck aiming for three filled water balloons?

bullet shooting 4

Don’t tell the kids, but this is where their crayons keep going…

bullet shooting 5


…and their Play-Doh!

bullet shooting 7

Scrambled eggs anyone?

bullet shooting 6

Finally, we have a shot of a bullet shooting through a few glass beakers full of…something bright and colorful!

bullet shooting 8

What did you think of this little collection of a bullet shooting through random objects? If you’re a fan of perfectly timed photography, be sure to head over and check out this photo of a lion attacking a wildebeest!

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