66 Replies to “3D Street Art Optical Illusions”

  1. Is there a nobel prize or an equivalent prize for such great works of Art like these – I can only say that these are wonderful people and the pavement has been blessed by their attention. Very very well done Artists

  2. i totally love the car one, it is soooooooooooo cool man!!! i just feel like ridng it and going to the place with the waterfal place, that would be awesom!!

  3. Now this is what should get the Nobel Prize not the crap that normally receives it. This is true art.

  4. I drove over the last picture by bike on the way to work, but didn’t recognise how it looked from the side! Cool!

  5. who made the cars flat? ;)

    but really, let’s be serious, we should look at these pictures like a critic, THERE AWESOME!

  6. I love those! I agree with Jean and Anne, those are really powerful.

    If only people would use them for a real good cause, instead of just entertainment, but, as WantonAnton says, lets not be critics.

  7. I dont really get the first one. But the helicopter looked real.
    How come there was so many of that box?

  8. All I can say is, Fantastic!!!!! My favorite one is #3, he captured every detail, and the water drops are the icing on the cake!

  9. this guy is totally awsome, i mean i have never seen anything like it. all of his drawings is of the chaine.

  10. Wow…
    So it’s true that sometimes our eyes plays tricks on us.

    Uh, guys-guys? Mr. Srtist? Can you teach me that? I have some girls to impress. Hehehe…

    That was great.

  11. Are you all stupid, or is it just impossible for you to use punctuation and spell properly?

    That said, those paintings are pretty sweet.

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