Reversible Alphabet Optical Illusion

Good morning, all, and happy St. Paddy’s Day! I hope everyone’s week is winding to a close nicely. It should prove to be a stressful St. Paddy’s Day for me, since I’m in a strange city with my father, who’s having surgery this morning. Well, at least he has the luck of the Irish with him today, right? It’s going to be a busy, busy day for me, so I’m just going to toss up a pretty cool alphabet optical illusion that I’ve been hanging onto…

alphabet optical illusion

This alphabet optical illusion can be read the same forward as backwards. If you completely flipped it over, you could still read the letters!

Don’t forget to rate this alphabet optical illusion before you leave! You might also want to check out this pretty awesome optical illusion alphabet made with wooden blocks!

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  1. Just to clarify the mirror image is readable, not flipped over which means to reverse orientation so that the top surface or part faces down usually. Somewhat impressive but the creator took extra liberty with the uvw IMO.

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