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  1. aint nuttin go no were all dem colors stayed were da wuz at

  2. I do this when I’m trying to go to sleep. In a mostly darked room (but with still enough light to see my hand) I hold my hand in front of my face and after 30 seconds of staring it disappears into the ceiling. I wish I knew how that worked…

  3. purple momo..
    omg. wow. are you a 13 year old cheerleader?

    anyways, it took a while and they didn`t disappear all the way for me.

  4. if ur not consintrated enuf on something u wont c its full color and will appear 2 blend in if the colors r similar

  5. that worked 4 me in about 4seconds, but u no what they say:
    optical illusions work faster on mad criminals, now will sum1 plzzzzz get me a pint?

  6. They didnt disappear for me, but i just saw them wobble like a jelly! That’s so cool!

  7. Again, this is really bad for your eyes, what happens is your eyes let in more light than it needs and then boom you essentually go “blind” while you stare

  8. It disappeared, but when I blinked, the colors came back! That’s the cool part!

    I support correct grammar.

  9. i just used this .jpg to prove argrument (C) [(C) Subject S has the belief with content p (that is, S believes that p) just in case, under optimal conditions, S has this belief if and only if p obtains] wrong.
    Thank you

  10. WOW! That’s really cool. Also if you move your head closer and then farther it seems as if the sploches get bigger and smaller! Pretty cool, huh?

  11. it’s really kl, and they disappeared after bout 30 secs. i dont agree with ‘th’ coz the disappearing haze one disappeared way faster than this.

  12. yeah, it’s cool, also if you move closer abd farther from the screen, before the fluffs dissapear, they will seem to move

  13. Now the patches of color are stuck in my eyes again! Even before I ever saw my first illusion I had patches of color. Focus. See for yourself, if you have it. It should work. Sometimes, they are so bright I can’t see anything.

  14. Its all a matter of how your eye dialates to the darkness of the dot, and the brightness of the colors. =)

  15. wow! that was totally awesome! i saw the dots dissapear fully! its like my eyes mistaked them for spots, like wen u look at a lightbulb for a few sec. and look away, u see a spot. its kinda like that.

  16. Cool. You would think that those dissapereing illusions would get old after having seen them who knows how many times, but they’re still cool.

  17. This is really cool. Does anyone know the science behind this, like why your brain begins to see just the dot and the colors disappear.

  18. this is actually a survival mechanism by the brain to keep the senses from overloading it. It’s called sensory adaptation, and the principle is that you stop experiencing a sensation after a certain period of time as long as the sensation isn’t changing. It’s most evident in the sense of touch. Like… put your finger on the table and don’t move it. Ever wonder why you can’t really feel all the texture anymore. U just know that it’s there. That’s sensory adaptation

    1. Is that why after a period of time you stop smelling certian scents? Like one’s own perfume or cologne?

  19. They didn’t disappear…. they just faded in and out…. but eventually they just buzzed off!! lol.. but at wickd awsum!!!!

  20. Thats sooo cool! It like slowly disapeared that was awesome the other one didnt really work though =(

  21. The colors didn’t disappear for me so much as they began pulsing. The blue and yellow started to fade but one would slowly come back, then disappear and the other would return

  22. It’s so hard for me to keep my eyes still enough for this to work. Even still, for some reason all of the colors fade except for yellow.

  23. i got them to dissappear but took a few tries and on the third try i got cross eyed and there were two pics and one looked as if it were spinning! antways worked for me!

  24. Aha! This is sensory adaption at work. When the eyes are constantly focused on a certain stimulus (in this case the dot) our nerve cells fire less rapidly causing the surrounding sights to appear to vanish (the color spots in this case.)
    It’s truly amazing, isn’t it?

  25. no they are not fading out…if your focus is gone one afterrrr another they ill yall appear…jerrrrrrkkkkkkkkk…..that Christine…
    if im right…reply on me…

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