Woman on Motorcycle Optical Illusion

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all! The weekend is gone, and the last week in August begins today. While you were enjoying your time off, we hope that you did something really fun and exciting like riding a motorcycle, perhaps. There are so many different models on the market today that people can choose any kind of bike they want. However, today’s optical illusion involves a very special brand of bike that is incredibly rare. This young lady is riding a motorcycle that is made entirely out of human beings! What do you all think of this very human bike? Clearly, this human bike is a work of body art, but you have to admit that it is pretty spectacular.

Woman on Motorcycle Optical Illusion

Ready or another great test of the human spirit and be an optical illusion at the same time? The man in this photography is defying gravity, and we are all dying to know how just how he did it! Did this man dig a pit and step into it or did he simply turn the camera on its side? We want to hear from you about how this man is defying gravity, so be sure you comment and tell us what you think.

2 Replies to “Woman on Motorcycle Optical Illusion”

  1. The model who forms the “frame” (she has blue belly paint, blue feet, & red toes) has her head raised in such a way it seems her head isn’t supported except by her neck; so she’s supporting her entire upper body only with her left arm. How tiring! I can only suppose these models were relying on the artist and photographer to work really fast!

    But the REAL optical illusion here is that the two models whose legs are the tail pipes must be headless women! In particular the one on the bottom. Where could her head be?

  2. I believe though the model forming the frame is being supported by a black pillow on the back of his head which is on top of the back of another ‘wheel’ model plus two more models on the back. So it’s not really tiring.

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