Witness The Power of Hypnosis

Just received this picture via email today. Have to admit, it took me some time before I could snap out of it and stop staring at those floating letters. Before I ask you about your opinion, I’d like to spill some questions to those of you who bought our iPhone application. How did you like it? Would you add some additional stuff to it? What do you suggest we additionally put inside it? Would you give us a hand, and rate the app inside the iPhone store? What do you think about its price? I’d like to thank you a bunch for your support! In the following days I should start placing some polls in the Mighty Optical Illusions sidebar. I think this will be a great addition to this website. I was thinking about implementing more quizzes, competitions and giveaways as well, but first have to figure out the rules. Stay tuned! There are many new things to be added soon, I just need to categorize the rest 500 posts inside uncategorized section first.

Would you forward this hypnotic message?
Would you forward this hypnotic message?

58 Replies to “Witness The Power of Hypnosis”

  1. I would forward it if I did not get a headache from staring at it…or pass out..hehe
    Have seen something similar, but stil, a good one!

  2. Interesting.
    It looks loke they rotate the black/white shadowing by 90 degrees every two letters & that this creates a 3-D wave effect and a mild illusion of movement.
    I think the substitution of an up arrow ^ for the As also acts as a subliminal prompt to encourage forwarding the e-mail.

  3. the idea is you focus on one set of letters with the 3d popout going one way, then you focus on the next, subconciously, so it looks like it is going in waves

  4. whoa, @ first i thought this sucked, i’m like i dont get it, but then i read it slower and it really worked, the wave thing. really cool!

  5. It’s because of the shadows. Sometimes they are at the left side, sometimes in the upper right corner.. Cool illusion, though!

  6. I will foward this email, I will foward this email, I will foward this email, I will foward this email, I will foward this email, I will foward this email…

  7. I wish I could do a message like that to my girlfriend

    You will have
    sex with me! You
    will have sex
    with me! You will
    have se with me!


    Stop arguing you
    know I’m right! Stop
    arguing you know
    I’m right! Stop arguing
    you know I’m right!


  8. you will forward this email,you will forward this email,you will forward this email,forward this email you will,forward this email you will,forward this email you will.


  9. for the iphone app i would suggest making a free version with ads i would download that but i hate spending money on apps

  10. Wot, no “1st post! w00t!” ? Have we all grown up, at last ;) ?

    I never tire of this effect, and this is a good example.

    @Sue: Don’t see how ^=A could ‘subliminally’ encourage you to do anything.
    Most likely substituted to increase the black/white drop-shadow thereby optimizing the effect, whereas the A’s horizontal bar may detract from the effect slightly.

  11. Wow. That illusion replicates the exact effect psilocybin mushrooms have on one’s eyes. Everything surrounding you begins to move and dance in that way.

  12. I guess I must have some sort of visual acuity morbidity, as I never see the movement. I also never “see” stereograms, though I’ve stared, physically zoomed in/out, squinted, crossed my eyes, relaxed and stared some more, you name it. Kudos to those that do, and enjoy it for me and those akin.

  13. lol- this was cool, dunno if i’ll forward it, but I realli did find i couldn’t stop staring for a while… lol

  14. I believe I’ve seen this on your website before. It’s cool though.

    Did anyone notice how all the A’s are upside down V’s?

  15. the entire words get frozen, stand still if ur a witnessing it in other words if ur breathing is slow, ur mind is at rest. during meditation we can experience this; if ur mind is too occupied the greater is the speed of words, and vice versa. one way to check ur mind calm maybe……

  16. Ugh, my friend would hate me if I posted them this

    Plus if you stare at a particular letter for long enough. The whole thing stops moving. Very trippy.

  17. O.o
    AND thats a picture and not a vid.
    cuz if you consentrait on one letter the wayving stopps O.o woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow :D

  18. lol this so stupid but i woulld do that message Simon did lol, heres what he wrote:

    You will have sex with me u will have sex with me u will have sex with me. Lol

  19. you will forward this email if you start at the bottom it says :email this forward you will email this forward.

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