When The Lights Were Out

As it always goes with Rob Gonsalves, transitions he makes can be tricky to “digest” at first. Once again I invite you all to try and spot the logical “tipping” point, a postion where one motif ends and another one begins. Rob’s transformations are unique at very least. For more similar stuff be sure to check this tag.

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  1. Children’s book author, Ann Jonas, has written and illustrated several books, most notably, ROUND TRIP, (1983) employing this type of illusion. If you are not familiar with her work, look for it in the children’s section of your local library.

  2. Oh this is a good one!

    I looked at this little toad sucker for I don’t remember how many times and couldn’t see the illusion. Then I happened to slowly scroll down the picture, and I saw it! Couldn’t believe it at first – both the illusion and that I hadn’t seen it before!


  3. when the lights were out, looks very much like the original cover for my son’s metalcore band’s logo. Brilliant concept, check it out on facebook.They hail from Gosport Hampshire England.Well done rob.

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