Wacky and Weird Real Stair Illusion

I run into a lot of interesting pictures on the Internet in my travels. Some move me, some make me laugh, and some make me think. Then there are the pictures that just leave me in complete and total bewilderment. These are the pictures that make me scrunch my face and stare at the computer screen, mouth agape, for a good few moments. Now those are my favorite! And, I just so happen to have one of these for you today. I call this real stair illusion…The World’s Weirdest Stairwell…

worlds weirdest stairwell

I would really like to know what was going through someone’s head when they built the World’s Weirdest Stairwell! Was it actually designed like this? Was it an accident? How did someone not realize that something was amiss here during the building stage? Whose fault is it exactly? I don’t know about you, but my money’s on the guy who can’t use a tape measure!

I even thought that this stairwell here may have been some sort of a trick of the eye or Photoshop job, but I don’t think so. I think this little gem is just a real stair illusion, created on accident by a bunch of workers who had too many beers on their lunch break. At least I hope so.

If you liked this real stair illusion, be sure to also check out Escher’s staircase illusion!


4 Replies to “Wacky and Weird Real Stair Illusion”

  1. I don’t have an explanation for this stairway, but I went to school (a thousand years ago) at San Jose State University when they attached two buildings together to create one library (I am sure they have fixed this situation since). Now the two buildings had floors that did not match exactly so you had a funny solution that resulted in several stairways that would take you up (or down) half a floor on one side and then you had to walk over to the other side so you could take a stairway down (or up) a floor to get to the book stack you wanted (remember book stacks?). It was quite an adventure to find anything….I was a library science major so I spent a lot of time in those stacks (but I never got my degree, and I wonder if those confusing stairs had anything to do with it).

    1. Lol! That’s awesome! I would LOVE to have visited that library. Love libraries anyway!

    2. It was a pretty good collection once you got used to the idea that you had to go up a half a flight of stairs in order to go down to another floor. The first time I tried to find something, I started wondering how long it would take someone to find me if I got completely lost in the maze.

    3. Definitely could happen when you modify a big home with grand stairwells, and convert it in to apartments. That small landing could have once been the top of a widening into a giant entryway. Still…. It makes you go “hmmm”

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