Virtual Haircut Audio Illusion MP3

Adam Cline found another audio illusion for me to put on the site. I tried serving it through Google Mail podcast player, but it didn’t work. This audio illusion works in a same way as holophonic matchbox mp3s. Visit our audio illusions category for more cool illusionary mp3s. Don’t forget to hear Shepard’s Paradox, and be sure to check your hearing at “Ringtone audible only to under 20 year olds“. Oh, I almost forgot to mention:

This effect works best if you put on your headphones on. Download and listen to the Virtual Haircut mp3.

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  1. OMG that was the greatest audio illusion that I’ve ever heard!

    The part where he whispers in your ear is creepy. It seemed like I could feel his breath in my ear or something. And when he was clipping my hair I could feel it standing on end. EEK. Creepy!

  2. Wow, that was an awesome illusion. I had just listened to all the other audio illusions yesterday, so this ruled!!!

  3. that is CRAZY. my bf can’t go to barbers because the buzzer by his ears makes him all jumpy – i should make him listen to this :) way cool!

  4. That was very, very cool. I think I have goosebumps!

    None of the links worked for me, so I just went to like it said in the description of the illusion, and type “virtual haircit” in the search bar. It was the first result that came up.

  5. that was so cool!!!! i used my computer for the first half and earphones for the rest.defidently better with the earphones….. that was so cool.and when he whispered in your ear! i was so creeped out. thanks for the cool illusion

  6. OMG that was crazy i closed my eyes and it flet like you where in a barber shop like when he snaps his fingers and the wishper just freaked me out completly that was CRAZY.

  7. It’s a great recording but this seems to push the envelope on the concept of “optical illusion”. In fact I am not sure there’s an “aural illusion” at work here. Sorry – not one of the best.

  8. OMG, I’ve heard audio virtualization before, but that was the best I’ve ever heard! Using 2 microphones was pure genius to get the proper effect. I’ll be running off to listen to the rest of your audio illusions! =D

  9. I went to as Rachel did. That was sweet! Only problem I had, don’t know if anyone else did, was when he said either left or right, he was on the cuing the opposite ear. But that whisper made me open my eyes and look to the right to see if anyone was there lol

  10. That was stupid and unrealistic
    The least scary part was when he whispered in your ear
    No, im just kidding
    that was fucking awsome

  11. Wow! I love this! I live in England near newcastle (north easty bit) and ive known about this for at least a year! didnt think it really classed as an illusion…still great though

  12. Very Cool – I kept looking around for the guy… hehe

    and THANKS for finally killing “1st post” loosers :)

  13. WOW, I have surround sound DJ headphones, and It was like that dude was totally next to me. HOly shit, that was amazing! GREAT JOB

  14. i hate the bag!!! it feels horrible! if you close your eyes it makes thing sooooo much better but it is amazing anyway :D

  15. OMG!
    That was so freaky!
    I didnt know it had started at first and kept looking round for people!
    And when he put the bag on your head it felt so real!!!
    Love ittt!

    Kate <3

  16. very good, a friend let me listen to this a while back on his phone and I loved it. Been looking for a copy of my own for a while lol.

    I’d say it’s an illusion because although the audio source is stationary (if your using headphones they dont walk about the room do they?) your brain is making you think that someone is walking about the room and cutting different areas of your hair.

    Very clever indeed :)

  17. O_o omg so real, what does he whisper in2 ur ear at the end? so great i think that i have a virtual haircut in a REAL barber shop lol O_O >_< so annoyed that i think its virtual in a real barber shop im scared that he/she will put a bag over my head lol

  18. this really plays with your mind, i think becuase youre hearing all of that, your brain wants to believe its really happening! what i mean is like
    in link 2 when luigi but the bag over my head, i could actually feels something touching me, and when the people were walking around behind me i couldve sworn i saw shadows along with it…i think becuase your hearing all of that, your other senses are adapting to it so it makes it fell like its actually happening

  19. amazin!!!! sit in dark room WHEN YOUR RIGHT OFF IT ON CHARLIE OR RUKKAS but do not open your eyes at any moment in time till its finished!!! haha cant be explained in words


  20. did you notice that when you wear the headphones on the wrong ears the effect also changes, then your right is suddenly your left.

  21. To poster # 48, yes, it is a “stereo” or binaural recording and is made by putting 2 microphones in a dummy head to create the acoustics and whatnot. Also, shut up. There’s no need to be such a sarcastic killjoy. Stuff like this may not technically be an illusion but people have every right to be impressed with it as most folk don’t hear stuff like this through their headphones often so let them have fun with it and kindly keep your “whoopie” to yourself. thank you.

  22. I LOVE THIS! it is sooo creepy the way he whispers in your ear and the first time i listened to this i thought somebody walked in my house when the door opens in the beginning

    i downloaded it onto my mp3 player it’s so cool!

  23. Where can we find more sound files like this one?

    I’ve been searching but i got nothing :S

    i tried looking for audio illusion, holophonic and binaural recording


  24. That was sweet!! It was like i was getting my haircut without actually getting my haircut. When he whispered at the end i was a bit jumpy from how realistic it was.

  25. No one in their right mind would snip hair that fast…

    That’s the only problem I had with believing it, they snips were far too quick. Other than that, great foley work!

  26. wow!!! it sounds so real…

    i listened to it when i was home alone and it was soooo scary and creepy…

    my advice… dont listen to it when you’re home alone…

  27. That Was Totally Excellent… Never heard Of Anythin’ Like That Before… Felt Like The Bag Was Over My Head For Real… Serious Goosebumps!! lololol

  28. guys guys,4 d0s who gets high,u g0ta try it aftr d0in sum g0od weEd man,its frkin awes0m,its lyk realy REALY awes0m,da clipin n d raz0r part 2.i nearly fEl owta ma chair wen d bastard whisperd dat thng in ur ear.haha,try it guys

  29. OMFG…wen i first heard him talking to u i actually kinda screamed coz i thought he was acutally in my house!!!
    wen he shaves ur hair it felt so real that i actually touched my head to make sure it was shaved.i actually did that bcoz my aunty who knew nothing about this said “oh look! amy’s hair disappeared. i later fouund out that my sis’s boyfriend had actually told her to say that!!
    u ppl should realy try this!!
    5 stars

  30. Fuck….that was the fist reaction when that bastard whispered in my ear so creepily…
    amazing and beautiful effect of sound recording most hear…

  31. uhh…how such a daring thing cud happen to my ..ears…the my ear taking my nerves…and the ..plastic…dum…

  32. i run a wp blog too(em a webdeveloper/programmer) and will like to suggest that you add the “wp thread comment” it makes the comments appear in a hierarchic order and the users can reply to individual comments too :)

  33. :O This is amazing if you listen with head phones and shut your eyes in a dark place it really makes it sound real all of my friends have tryed it even me and it is soo cool when its done you even cheak your hair because it sound so real just brilliant

  34. I had a listen to this haircut dealeo without any information before hand. Just “listen to this”. So you can scratch out the power of suggestion in my case. Some people may be more inclined to say “this is sweet” if they have been told it is, the power of suggestion always operates to a different degree with different people. However, I was wowed by my trip to the “virtual barber” based purely on my experience there. Pretty neato!

    If you heard some slightly fancier stereo, then you did hear something different. That difference may leave a bigger impression on some people than others for any number of reasons. If something is hyped up, I know I will have a tendancy to dismiss it as no big deal before even experiencing it, in most circumstances anyway. It’s part of my conditioned reaction to things that are hyped up. That may be a little of what is going on for some people.

    And hey, if you don’t hear anything worth fussing over, then that’s just how it is.

    Did I mention it was awesome? ;)

  35. Can someone explain what the illusion is here? To me it just seems as if the audio is being panned from one speaker to another. Is the panning itself some sort of illusion?

  36. Wow!! This is amazing! The part where he whispered and the part where he put the bag over my head was so creepy, cause it sounded so real!
    Do this but with your eyes closed, and wear headphones!

  37. its cool because where my computer is they seemed to actually walk through my house except when he washed his hands

    1. i know i cant stop listening to it!! my friend started screaming when she listened to it all because it was a joke and we really were cutting off all of her hair lol!!!

  38. This is marvelous..,,,really freaking …omg…its wonderful…just listened n nokia n8 with sterio headphones !!

  39. its really awsome but anyone can tell me, tht in t end he was telling about Digital algorithm “Zatara” …. what does it means ??
    can u plz tell me …

  40. omg that is soo wierd! i felt like i needed to check my hair was still there after hed finished, and he scared the hell out of me when he whispered in my ear! i thought someone was really there!

  41. I have been fascinated by stereo, and panning effects every since discovered FM radio as a child.
    My world forever changed.
    Now that I am an adult music producer, I still work panning effects into my music wherever possible and try to give my listener an added treat in their ears. Especially when they have on headphones.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    The ‘whisper’ in the left ear and the ‘bag over the head’ parts were my favorites.

  42. Well, I wasn’t expecting that to work as well as it did, but well done. Also, the part where Luigi puts the plastic bag over your head freaked me out a bit.

  43. this freeked me out .. it was really an amazing experience .. i just loved to hear again and again .. soo cool and awsme.

  44. My heart almost skipped a beat when he put the bag on my head. I actually forgot I was listening to that and started looking around to see who’s talking. I jumped when the drawer was closed…

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