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dots_in_motion_optical_illusion_thumbGreenpro is at it again! This time giving us something that can most easily be seen by viewing the following video. As it appears, something strange happens to the scattered dot-pattern if it’s accompanied by the simple rolling object. I promise you shall be surprised at how your brain processes these simple (static) dots. Watch the video below to learn more and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

As time goes our readership grows, and you might be surprised if I told you how many new faces arrive here each day – Those are the people that have just recently learned of this site. It’s normal for them to feel little lost when they arrive here, thus why it’s so important for me to have illusion categories, random illusion button and so many underlined (related) illusions in each one of my texts put in center of attention.

I felt this needed to be explained, as I get daily inquires why there are so many references to old stuff – it’s easier to discover earlier content this way, that is my humble opinion. BTW, I’d also like to remind all of you using iGoogle on regular basis to add our “Optical Illusion of The Day” gadget if you still haven’t …you may also download our regular desktop versions! I think it’s the best way to stay updated with new stuff Mighty Optical Illusions comes up with (almost) each day. Now for the promised illusion video:

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  1. Now THAT is a total mind-blower! I’d love a good explanation of how/why we perceive the dots as waving! Thanks for being the hub, Vurdlak! Always a fan, Myrna Hoffman

  2. That is so cool! Another ‘real’ optical illusion! btw, I love this site. You guys are doing a great job!

  3. The roller is only there in order that your eyes pan smoothly by latching on to it. If you can master the art of a smooth pan of your eyes (instead of jerks, as most folk do) across the dots, the same rippling effect appears.

  4. Your page is going downhill really fast, it has been ages since there was an impressive post like in the good old days. And something many people have said before, please stop the endless linking in your texts. Hardly ever anything relevant is linked.

    One last thing, from the first time i visited I have been thinking there is no person named Vurdlak but that all posts are generated/posted by a team of persons/marketing machine. Maybe it’s just me but then again maybe others think so as well.

    1. I disagree on every point. I’ll admit I got a little annoyed with all those moving picture things, (seems everyone did haha) but for the most part you’ve given me a lot of cool stuff to look at over the years. I also like the links in your text, they do help me find past things that I’ve missed. And there’s no way a “marketing machine” could post the kind commentary you provide. Your site is doing great, keep it up.

    2. @Myname maybe you need to find another site that pleases you.
      As they say “if you don’t like it, leave!” Complaining will get you nowhere.

    3. Well maybe it’s time you moved on mate as not every post impresses me either but that’s no reason to hate on the page for it. I still think there’s a few good posts to be had between now and infinity even if there are some poor ones as well. That’s just the nature of the game.

      I seriously doubt that it’s a marketing team that has put this together as they are not trying to sell anything on the side and the setup is a little “home job” to be considered funded on that level.

    4. Unless someone is forcing you at gunpoint to come to this site, why don’t you just stop coming? The rest of us quite enjoy looking at these illusions!

    5. sorry Myname, you are on your own on this one. I have an idea – maybe Myname you could contribute your own work instead for us to marvel.

      Vurdlak please keep up the good work.


  5. The effect was almost non-existent when watching the video full-screen on a 55″ screen. I had to watch it “in-line” on the page in order to see the effect.

    That having been said… Awesome! The rippling effect was noticeable immediately. I love the “illusions” that cause the brain to improperly interpret what the eyes see.

    And I have to go on the record here to say this about the previous “animated gif” illusions. The “illusion”, as I saw it, was that you thought it was a still (non-animated) image, such as a .JPG or .PNG, when it was in fact an animated image. The illusion was most pronounced in the ones where parts of it stayed still the would be impossible to stay still in a real-life video, such as the birds frozen in mid flight in a park while a man on a bench occasionally turns a newspaper page. This is, of course, my personal opinion. I actually enjoyed them.

    Keep up the excellent work here! :)

  6. This is great, the dots seemed to move without the need of the rolling object, (which looks like a green candle) but when the “candle” was added, it looked like it was churning waves of dots. :) I’m also really surprised I left a comment before there were already 50 of them.

  7. Hey, I’m blind in one eye, and am never able to see the 3D effects in the hidden pictures. I also didn’t see the dots above move. Have you tried watching it with one eye closed? I’d be interested in hearing from others with only one eye.
    Great site, anyway!

    1. @ hugh
      I covered one eye, and it still worked….perhaps try a few more times? otherwise, I would say that perhaps your brian has trained itself to see things differently (more in line with what your eye sees) as a result of your one blind eye.

    2. I also covered first one eye and then the other, worked for both eyes.

      That being said, the first time I saw the video nothing happened, I simply found it hard to keep my eyes focused on the rolling object while still seing the dots. Works fine now…

  8. at first I didn’t quite notice it till I moved farther from my laptops screen than it was wow! I usually hate optical illusions but I’ve been a daily visitor for about the past month and a half. the stuff here never ceases to amaze me! Keep it up, your doing great! :)

  9. Didnt work for me either. Thats about the 5th in a row that have been a waste of time, this site is starting to get very boring.

  10. I saw nothing until I replayed it. What I found was that when I focused on the dots, nothing happened, but when I focused on the rolling object, the effect became quite evident.

    Vurdiak, I thought the GIFs were fabulous! I especially loved the “Norman Bates” one–it was definitely creepy and ideal for the season.

  11. At first I was just staring at the dots and didn’t see any illusion. Then I tried following the rolling object (candle?) with my eyes while paying attention to the dots in the periphery of my vision and suddenly saw it. Cool illusion. It helps to follow directions.

  12. No offense to those who like gadgets and widgets and whatnot, but I find the RSS feed the best way to get my daily illusion.

  13. Didnt work for me either
    …and also noticed that if you post a comment that it doesnt work (ad in my first sentence) you wont get past the censors.

    We will have to wait and see what they think of me questioning the censorship.

    1. Oh,and it works better for me if I close an eye. Try it with a closed eye if it’s not too visible with two eyes…

  14. ok… got it to work… stare at the rolling object only. The dots move but once you change your focus to the dots they stop moving.

    How can we get that fixed? ;-)

  15. I’VE HAD negative comments make it “pass the censors.”

    This is cool.

    Watch the rolled in order for iit to work.

  16. Sorry , i played the video 10 time nothing happens to the dots they are fixed and they always appear(to me at least) that way.

    I do not see anything waving as the ball rolls across .

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