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  1. No, Peck-er it’s that this is truly the USAF symbol which coincidentally appears like the stereotypical alien life-form face.

    It’s definitely the USAF logo but I never realized how it coincidentally can appear as the alien image.

  2. Yeah, what are we supposed to see here? Alien? I thought it looks more like Wolverine’s mask than alien’s head.

    Shoulda kept your prejudice, Vurdlak. This one is lame. =D

  3. It’s actually the USAF logo… bald eagle with spread wings… and it gives the illusion of an alien head… VERY COOL!

  4. i didn’t really get it but then i did
    look at the white building
    it looks like a face
    i think
    that’s seriously lame

  5. ^ the wings are the eyes, and the star/sphere form a pseudo mouth.

    And people, stop trying to guess at things, if you’re not sure about something look it up. Honestly, it sickens me enough how little Americans know about their own troops/government.

    The USAF logo is not an eagle– that’s the seal. The logo is a pair of stylized wings with a star/sphere below them, each representing aspects of the Air Force. Look up the image and then compare to the zoomed out satelite image, you’ll see it is quite ironic.

  6. It’s an alien face. The wings are the eyes. The dot in the middle is the nose. The bottom is the smiling mouth.

  7. I lived at that particular base for a time. That illusion is no mistake. That particular building is the alien housing. They put up a stylized alien face so they know where to go upon arriving in California.

    Nah, just kidding. I did live very very close to the bomb range though…

  8. look at the two wings…those are the eyes

    and the mouth is the little circle thing.

    it looks like an alien with long eye lashes.remember this is all in the logo.

    look very close into it and you’ll see it

  9. I really hope the illusion isn’t supposed to be the logo… Cause that is the “see illusions everywhere” kinda thing

  10. Wait first of all let me tell u that that is not an a illusion thats called a mess up or something on google earth u dummies!!! But also it is kinda cute!

  11. i saw the face of an alien where the eagle is at…and also in the green area on the opposite side of where the eagle is there is a sorte of monkey face and the white lines are the arms huging th building!!!!

  12. “If you look closely at the green area its almost as if there is a green creature embracing the building.”

    ..yeah..that’s called grass.

  13. What does the logo have to do with this?
    And the green area kinda makes the shape of a deformed head but I don’t really get it.

  14. Ummm there is one in front the building on Ft Leonard Wood and it’s not on a building in the center of the STAR which stands for US forces is the US flag pole and above it is the wings or USAF symbol…… no conspiracy just high ups in the military having junior folks waste time and paint

  15. the logo of this area looks like alien eyes, tht’s the illusion, even though it is supposed to look like wings….i looked at the
    ‘another hint” link if u want to knwo how i found out

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