Up and Down the Impossible Steps

You’re probably familiar with impossible illusions by now, especially if you’re a regular follower of the site. Chances are, you’ve already been stumped or wowed by some of these illusions like these impossible shelves or this bars illusion. I love when these impossible illusions are integrated into every day situations. It jut makes them that much more interesting, and makes it more likely that you’ll take a second look and be a bit mind boggled. These impossible steps are a great example of that and one of my favorites!

impossible steps illusion

This is sort of two illusions in one actually. First, it’s a bit hard to count the steps here. Count from one side and you’ll get one number, but count from the other side and you’ll count a different number. It’s also a little hard to tell who’s going up the steps and who’s going down the steps. In fact, both of them even look a little confused, and they’re the ones on this steps illusion!

Want a little more confusing in your life? Head over and check out this super weird set of steps!

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