Um, It’s Just Paper Illusion

It appears you actually DO pay attention to what I write alongside optical illusions. I never knew my words could motivate you to skyrocket the number of ratings (yesterday’s post received over 100 user ratings), and grow the amount of Facebook Connect logins to such a high level. So this is what being “powerful” feels like, right? No wonder Hitler went berserk when so many of his followers never questioned any of his commands. Don’t worry, I won’t go “Hitler Jugend”  on you any time soon. As I promised yesterday, here is the newest optical illusion for you. Check it out, and when you’re done commenting, please answer yourselves how can simple piece of paper look so sexy? If you like this kind of illusions be sure to check Sexy Book and Nice Curves optical illusion.

Optical Illusion: Get Your Mind Out Of the Gutter
Optical Illusion: Get Your Mind Out Of the Gutter

...told you it was just a piece of paper!
...told you it was just a piece of paper!

92 Replies to “Um, It’s Just Paper Illusion”

  1. The first thing that came to my mind before I even read the caption was “So what it’s just a piece of paper.” Then It came to me just what I was supposed to see.

  2. Huh? You realize this simply can’t be paper, right? It’d have to be pretty remarkable paper to achieve that exact color tone, texture, and flexibility. Also, at the bottom point, the black clothing over the boobs casts a shadow. Or is it supposed to be a chest posing as a piece of paper, and I’m just not on point today?

    1. Admit defeat. Texture and color can be printed on paper. The shadow on the bottom comes from the folding of the paper. Can’t you finally see you’re wrong? There’s even a metal clip on top of the sheet to hold it.

  3. LMAO!

    This is a good one, Vurdlak! I knew you’d come through again! You know, after the last few posts. Very creative indeed this one!

  4. If anything this is a real photo made to look like paper, not the other way around.

    Congratulations on comparing yourself to Hitler though.

  5. umm. wow i cant see the paper image at all. seems like the real thing only photoshopped to be able to be claimed as a piece of paper

  6. So yes, it’s still a nice site, I won’t say it again because I don’t like repeating myself. It’s a nice piece of Illusion… An other question, is it an illusion ore is it just me, but when I enter the site via the iGoogle Gadget, and i get half-past the words you wrote for us to read, the site appears to reload on its own… Is it a bug? Is it an Illusion? Ore is it just my damaged brain?



  7. Hahaha nice! I love this kind of illusions.. So funny and really makes you realise how dirty our minds can get…

  8. anyone who thinks this is too “racy” for this website should rethink themselves

    love this website, keep up the great work :D

  9. It looks a lot more like a female’s chest has been PhotoShoppped to look like a piece of paper. The background looks too dark and the corners are too perfect. It’s either a very good illusion or a good fake out.

  10. Heeheehee…..I saw this for a second yesterday on the widget and it looked like a piece of paper. When I saw it this morning after turning on my pc, it looked like cleavage. It’s so weird how it looked like 2 different things at two different times. lol

  11. that’s pretty cool. i have your site on my google homepage so when i logged on this morning i was like, ” what the….” but that’s pretty clever. wonder if they stumbled on that one by accident

  12. In the square it’s definitely human skin, one may even see the veins. So, this is not paper for sure. However, it doesn’t represent female breast. I don’t see any illusion here, unless it’s a human part pictured on paper. The earring is just adding confusion. I think is just a joke. If I’m wrong, then it’s time to explain it.

  13. Great illusion. I saw breasts and my 8yr old saw a bottom. Love your site, the whole family likes to see what is next, and we try and see who can work it out first. :-)

  14. Actually, I think I’d like to change my answer. +laugh+ Looking at it closer with the brightness of my laptop screen turned up all the way, there are two freckles on this “piece of paper”; one on the upper right hand side, and one on the bottom, just to the left of what’s supposed to be the “fold” in the paper, and what I thought before was some kind of bookmarker or pen is actually the bottom of a necklace. This to me now looks like a lady’s cleavage cropped in a diamond shape to appear as a piece of paper, thus, perhaps, a double optical illusion. Vurdlak, I think you may have been duped.

  15. I think it isn’t a piece of paper, nor a woman chest…I’m sure it’s a leg or an arm hide with black paper sheets. Here is the illusion !
    Pretty good as well !

  16. I love your illusions, but you should not call it the illusion of the day, you should call it two day or three day illusion. I have had Illusion of the day on my computer for almost a year now and i have yet to see a daily illusion. They are about every two or three days. i know you get busy with your life it is just that your title is wrong. No offense intended, like I said i love the illusions just wish they were actually daily seeing that is the title.

  17. yep not an illusion, just a cropped picture of some actual *ahem* appendages. You can see the blood vessels under the skin and a couple of beauty marks on them. The second picture even has the necklace pendant at the top. That said, I still like the picture!!

  18. Add a whole new meaning to the term “fake boobs”.

    So, the image is edited. What does that mean? It could be just setting the background to black or cropping/resizing. Any more information on how it was edited?

  19. it has to be a pretty flexible piece of paper that was folded perfectly to create such an effect but I do believe you vurdlak there’s no reason for you to lie…

  20. I’m sorry but that isn’t an illusion atall, thats boobs, there’s noway thats paper, it has skin tone, there’s a freckle on the left hand boob, and paper just wouldnt bend like that, also why would there be pendant at the top of the second photo, the only explination i can think of, is if it is a piece of paper with a high quality photo of boobs printed on it.. lol

  21. Two things to say:

    1. What kind of paper looks exactly like skin? I’ve never seen paper like that in my life.

    2. You really shouldn’t have both pictures visible from the start. It would have been a better illusion if you hid the second picture, as we could see most of it straight away.

    1. Um. 2 is kinda weird only perverts would think that but i DO get what your talking about…

  22. Am I the only one confused here? Where’s the illusion in this one? Do we have a cleavage print and we’re supposed to assume it’s a woman wearing black?

  23. There’s a mole. I don’t get it. The necklace is revealed, so therefore it is paper? Actually, there are three moles. I think the illusion would be to make someone believe that this is paper. If that is the case, then I did not fall for it.

  24. In my opinion it is not paper. The diamond shape may have been edited to look like that, and the bit at the top is a necklace.

  25. Seriously people?

    #1: I’ve drawn on paper with this texture, Grand Dizzy.

    #2: Gaz, they’re little brown dots…how hard is it to print little brown dots on a piece of paper? And yes, paper bends that way. All you have to do is create a hard crease at the corner and hang it from a piece of wire or something so the edges curve down like that.

    #3: Yes, that’s a pendant at the top of the second photo. It’s to make the piece of paper look even more like cleavage so when you figure out that it is in fact paper, the effect is much better.

    Just because something looks like it shouldn’t be doesn’t mean it isn’t!

  26. It’s a woman’s breasts in a black dress. You can see the shadow the dress is casting on the lower right edge. If it was just paper, that shadow could not be there.

  27. I am sorry, but that is definitely NOT paper!!!
    Those are BREASTS!!!!!! It has shading, freckles, and, hmm, why is there a pendant in the second picture??

  28. I’m not lez..I’m just a child! Looook! you can see pores(if thats how you spell it), goosebumps,EVEN A NECKLACE IN THE LAST PIC, a little teeny freckle at the end of the “paper”, and I’m sorry but isn’t the background in a little too sexy a shape to be JUST a background?

    LOOK I don’t think people make “skin paper” this detailed and realistic,.. so MAYBE the real illusion is really flipped and the boobs are really supposed to look like paper?! Am I right? MAYBE NOT.. MAYBE YES..I don’t know.



  30. HEELLOOO! Has anyone thought of copper dipped parchment? Parchment has those brown dots on it and faded copper does look like skin tone. duh.

  31. Kay.

    1. It’s printed paper.
    2. That’s no pendant, that’s a clip to hold the paper.
    3. Someone is pinching it at the back.

  32. You idiots dont think you can PRINT details like that on PAPER? Its a picture PRINTED on PAPER, what dont you understand?

  33. NOW!!! Raise the picture till it touches your tool bar ….. Take a good look!!! It’s a bare ass!!!! :) Better late than never to see such a great site :P

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