Two Of a Kind (Dirty Sofa Illusion)

Some of the best illusions on this site can be found categorised inside #sexy hashtag. It’s not that I’m such fond of provocative content, it’s because illusions such as this one have to pass some extra filters in order to qualify for our homepage. I have to be extra careful with these, as there are youngsters among us, where it’s really important for me that they immediately understand the joke – Even when they mistake the content for what it appears to be, the end-result shouldn’t appear distasteful. Having said that, these sofas have really fooled me first time I laid my eyes over them! They still makes me laugh today…

17 Replies to “Two Of a Kind (Dirty Sofa Illusion)”

  1. Now I understand why my nephew is always climbing my couches. I have to rearrange the decoration in the living…

  2. Good Image, but I’ve had to delete the Moillusion widget from my desktop at work, for obvious reasons.

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