Two Cold Illusions For Summer

Took a “day off” from my vacation today, and found dozen of fresh and interesting illusions for you. They will be featured during the following week, so stay tuned. Hurray for me! As its unbearably hot here where my blogging-station is based, I decided to start with two snowy ones – at least to try and chill us a little. Club Med is a traveling agency that produced dozen of similar spot the object billboards in same fashion. You can find most of them here. I believe today’s two posters weren’t already posted, even though we had almost identical illusion featured in Les Alpes post (check this one for a hint). Now try and spot as many hidden faces you can below – once again thank you for such high amount of votes and Facebook Connect comments!

Club Med The Peaks Optical Illusion

Club Med Slopes Optical Illusion

56 Replies to “Two Cold Illusions For Summer”

  1. i see mans face on left side of top picture

    i see mans and womans face on left hand side of bottom picture

    i can only see 3 any others?

  2. The first one – I like a lot; a mans face in the mountain. The second picture is clearly, but I think it’s looks very manipuleted.

  3. Hi,

    since when are you using these double-underlined “Kontera”-Advertisement-Links in your text? I am following your new illusions daily and have loved to come to your site. But in my mind these ads are really annoying.

    How about giving us an option to disable these advertisements? (Like in, the bottom textline gives the option to disable intelliTXT).

    Thank you for listening!

  4. i think i found it!it was cool but the second one was easier and the first one i only think that i found it!

  5. I definitely see 3….I think I might see a fourth, but I completely admit that it might just be my eyes TRYING to see something there.

  6. I can see one face in the 1st piture.
    and 3 faces in the next picture.- 2 faces are very obvious and the 3rd one is if u rotate the picture anticlockwise then at the left bottom u will find the 3rd face (optionally you can tilt ur head to see the 3rd face on the left top corner in the picture as it is)

  7. In the second picture there are 4 faces, another big face in the trees at the right hand side of the couple faces.

  8. The top photo has at least two faces. The one at the far left has a cartoonist caveman look, and the one at the far right has the look of a soldier, complete with helmet and beard, from the pre-Christian Middle East area. The bottom photo also has at least two faces. The one on the far left looks like a 3/4 rear profile of a John “Wayneish” type, and next it more toward the middle is a smiling, happy faced kid. Neat what the mind can concieve out of chaos. No wonder the psychologist ran out of the room when I was taking his ink-blot test.

  9. there are plenty of faces in the first one of course it’s more of your perspective that will show you how many faces there are.

  10. some of u are morons. Both pictures are designed not real. some of u idiots say the top one real second one to vivid must be fake r u dumb u must be from middle america somewhere as u think like a backward fool. its an advertising campaign by club med read u stupid red neck freak

    1. Hey why are you so rude? There is no reason you have to openly insult people for some of their reactions. Also stereotyping someone from middle america doesn’t make it any better, or calling someone a redneck either. You need to calm down buddy, and calling people idiots even though you refuse to use proper grammar and spelling is a little counter productive don’t you think?

  11. You Mean Cuobara
    I used to see it to 3 to 4 years ago
    As For The Hidden objects

    1)Its on the left side of the mountain.
    2)its on the left side again (two people talking)
    *******END SPOILER**************

  12. i got the second one real quick but took me longer to find the first one :L

    Good illusion tho love this site! :D

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