Twilight Saga Illusion Collection

Robert Pattinson Optical Illusion AfterimageI’ve been working on this website for the last few days, it’s just that the work being done was held on the back-end side. This is why there hasn’t been any updates for the last two days. My deepest apologies.

Anyhow, recently I’ve noticed hysteria among chicks over this vampire saga called Twilight. My girlfriend read them books couple of times, and even forced me to watch actual movie with her. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was bored at best. Don’t know, I simply see it as ordinary vampire move redefined to suit women, but then again – I could be wrong.

Still, if there are any fans of the movie out there, I’ve received these two optical illusions of main actor – Robert Pattinson, so hope you enjoy them!

First one on the right is simple afterimage (if you don’t know how afterimages work, read this first). It works best if you switch your view to blank white screen, after burning the negative image in your retina. Perpetual blinking helps additionally. This one worked great for me! Few more afterimage illusions can be found here.

Robert Pattinson IllusionThe second illusion of Robert Pettinson (on your left), is a simple photograph caught in the right moment. When I first saw it, I got impression this dude is wearing some kind of tennis hat and has really alien-ish head anatomy. When you take a closer look, you’ll quickly realize there is actually another person standing behind him.

There, I believe these two illusions weren’t the best ones available, but still we can’t have Greatest Illusions each day. Can we? Btw. check this promotion of Fight Club, done for the 10th anniversary. It will show you the power of Facebook Connect!

45 Replies to “Twilight Saga Illusion Collection”

  1. Sorry but Robert Pattinson in not an after image that I want to have. I will say the hat/hair shot is pretty neat though.

  2. Hey Vurdlak thanks for that link to the Fight Club anniversary! That is one of my all time favorite movies.

    I really liked the second illusion too. At first I thought the guy was wearing a visor, then I realized that there was someone behind him.

  3. I don’t understand what other girls see in Robert Pattinson. I’m a girl but I truly believe he was the furthest possible Edward that their could be.

    But that’s just my opinion :P . Don’t take it personally Edward fans.

  4. I love the afterimage. I think Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Saga are great, so I really enjoyed this optical illusion.

  5. I kind of like the mivie but the illusion just really suck. Hope Robert dosn’t mind but I don’t think he is all that!

  6. i thought these were so cool. i’m a big twilight fan, (though i like taylor lautner aka jacob way better) so these really caught my attention. i c a mask 4 da afterimage and da hat/hair thing is cool.

  7. Hi! I just want to tell you that I am a fan of your website, but something weird just happened as i was accessing your website. I would like to know if there is a way I could communicate with you, through an e-mail address about this issue. I really don’t think you know about it, so i decided to make you aware. I left you a comment because I really have no idea on how to contact you :S. You have my e-mail now, so you can just sent me a message there.

  8. I have never seen twilight before, and the afterimage didn’t work for me unfortunately, but I liked the second illusion.

  9. I liked the second illusion, but I agree with Luke – the afterimage reminded me of Wolverine more than Robert Pattinson

  10. I keep trying to see thefirst one but I’m not getting the second image Is there suppose to be an image of Jacob too? I tryed the advice you gave but not working is there another way I can see it? What am I looking for?

  11. I think I finally figured it out but you have to keep intensly focused on the red + then the image will kinda come into a sense of focus you just can’t take your eyes away from the red+ or you’ll lose it.

  12. You gyes do not get it, if you look closely at the red dot in the middle of the black and white photo of robert pattinson ( for like 30 secs or so ) you then see a quick flash of roberts face underneath it.

  13. The second one is not an optical illusion, it’s a case of really bad photoshopping on the part of a really crappy tabloid.

  14. Thanks! When I saw the afterimage of Edward/Rob, I didn’t want to stop seeing it! BTW, ‘Ms.Observent’ ): has stupid opinions!!!!!

  15. im a girl and im not into Twilight (never read it)…its most likely overrated. Harry Potter (books) hype is OK in comparison to all twilight hype… why would u want a vampire, he would just bite your neck and suck blood out

  16. i love this image and twilight but for all people out there who hate twilight just skip over this and stop saying in comments that they hate twilight i mean come on why ….. its just stupid .

  17. dude this is just scary,but great!the first illusion is like the Jesus illusion,that scared me and this scared me more.but thanks for posting this!!

  18. I hate Robert Pettinson….And Edward Sullen-I MEAN CULLEN! -____- …If you ask me, I would still be on Team Edward though…..EDWARD ELRIC! XD

  19. When i first saw the picture with the little red cross i though… if i stare at it long enough will he get less ugly?

    Mean i know but it is what came to mind first.. I do not like pattinson…

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