Trippy Flashing Skull Illusion

*WARNING* The following illusion could possibly trigger photosensitive epileptic seizures in some people. View at your own risk. 

I ran across a crazy skull illusion yesterday, and I had to share! If you haven’t figured it out by the warning above, it’s a pretty flashy GIF. If these types of images bother you, give you headaches, make you queasy or you have a health condition that includes seizures, you might want to skip this one.

For the rest of us, on with the show…

trippy flashing skull illusion

When looking at this trippy flashing skull illusion, does it appear to be coming toward you? Does it look like it’s moving? Although it is moving, the skull is staying in the same place as the GIF cycles through. It’s simple changing colors and giving the illusion of movement.

It’s a pretty tough illusion to stare at for too long, so if you start to get a headache, you’ll definitely want to look away! If you can, that is. It’s also pretty mesmorizing.

When you’ve had enough of this trippy flashing skull illusion, head over and check out this spinning spiral illusion!

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  1. You have a warning, but that doesn’t protect people from the constant flashing of the thumbnail. It’s irritating for anyone and dangerous for those of us who are affected by such displays. Please freeze the thumbnails.

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