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  1. i love the idea. we should have more of this to make people aware of how much ads destroy the suburbs.!

  2. obviously faked?

    No, they’re not actually transparent, they are photos of what’s behind the billboard, printed on the billboard, so it looks transparent. Get it? That’s the illusion part.

  3. Neat. I did something similar to this with my computer desktop. It now seems like I have a transparent desktop!

  4. This is from Poznan, Poland which is where I was born. The 3rd pic from the bottom is Kraszewskiego St. Theres also a toy store there.

  5. thats cool but what is the advert for there is no point in just drawing on a 100+ quid ( im from england) bilboard without reason

  6. You know, I don’t know if I am just really smart, or some people are just really, really, stupid. Not this illusion specifically, but some of the areas where it’s just something cool to look at and people say they “don’t get it”?? I mean come on. Turn your brain on.

    Anyways what I really wanted to say is what the crap is the point of these billboards… seems like a waste of advertising space to me… I don’t see any other advertisement on them… I suppose if they are there just for art sake.

  7. pretty cool and they would of had to get the positioning just right, but ummm… what is the purpose for them?

  8. Neat…but the link at the bottom “http://www.kesicka.art.pl/” is broken, 404error [ps no need 2 post]

  9. you are all clearly illiterate. it explains what the point of these billboards are at the very top. I quote.. “cleansing the suburbs of the advertisment billboards”
    they paint the background onto them so that it doesnt look like there are billboards even there. they think billboards make the area ugly. get it now?

  10. @alexandra lol good piont. but really what was the piont i still don’t understand the purpose of thos “transparent” billboards won’t that just cause injureries XD lol imagine if someone was running away from the cops or sumfin and they tried to jump the fence *bang!* ouch…lol

  11. Person 1: Lets create billboard illusions
    Person 2: I know, lets but bars on the top to create massive shadows and ruin the whole illusion
    Person 1: GREAT IDEA!

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