Tiny Man Riding On Woman’s Back

Hope you had the time to recover from all the Christmas joy, celebrating and food… I still haven’t. Anyway, I’m leaving for a vacation today but will be back soon. You don’t have to worry about the content rolling in while I’m away – it’s all set! Every now and then, perfect timing and cameras collide to create those excellent shots that look like deliberately constructed optical illusions. Usually they show innocent body parts looking like naked bits, but there’s something quite cute about this one – it depicts a tiny man riding on woman’s back. Like it?

26 Replies to “Tiny Man Riding On Woman’s Back”

  1. I am trying to see what you are saying,,,a tiny man riding on a woman’s back???
    All I see is a man lil further away sitting on a bench by himself,,,,,the women are just shot up closer

  2. Please dont judge me because I never put that second comment and Also I got the name from my friend who I new from nursery

  3. I thought the Illusion was that this happy family has no problem with a 5 year old with a lap top on a family vacation…
    The guy who is supposed to be a ‘tiny rider’ struck me as the normal guy, looking blissfully serene, enjoying the experience.

  4. I get it! The man is sitting in the back of the bus, but the black stripe on the lady’s dress and part of the bench back makes it look like pants and a shoe! And it looks like he’s holding on to the collar of her dress.

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