Time to test your eyes and see if you can read this

Illusions might have always flattered you but you if really want to break it down when you notice something off about an image. It is in the nature of the human beings that they will only try to solve the puzzle when they are being challenged or they want to prove something positive about them.

So here we are about to present to you an image that will make your mind go crazy because it is near to impossible to read out the words written in the image.

If you cannot read this, I have bad NEWS for you

Amazed by what I have written you should. As this image has some very authentic information that you have to try to read out.

Time to test your eyes

So what you have got. No success, many of you have failed to read it out in the first attempt. You will be surprised to know that many of the people even did not try because they got frustrated to even try to read it out because it seems like there are only lines, dots, and irregular shapes in the image.

So what next are you going to leave it as well? I suggest you that you do not keep reading and you will know the answers to all your questions.

The secret behind the image

Surprised not yet, you will be amazed to know that this image is written in the Japanese and the sentence is actually from Japan. Now you must be wondering that how you can read it out in English when you do not even know how to read Japanese.

Do not stress out because the major secret is that it is simply all illusion that has been such amazingly created that it will confuse you to all limits. So let us reveal to you how you can read it out.


In order to read the statement in the image follow the given instructions:

  • The first thing that you have to do is close your eyes to at least 90%
  • If you are unable to do that you have to make sure that your eyes are as open as that of the Japanese
  • Now look at the image carefully and you will be able to make out the words

In case, that you have still not understood what is written on the image then the time has come for the big reveal. So hold your hearts guys because the hidden message is:


There are many other interesting ways of making out the statements that have been designed in the form of illusion. This art has been utilized since ages to send secret messages to the people around the world. So if you find this kind of writings you should be glad because you know how to read it.

The best part is that you would never know that it might be a map of treasure. So show this image to your friends and check out how many of them can make it out or otherwise it is a bad NEWS.  

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